New Foursquare update lets you flag venue info on the fly


An update to Foursquare just came down the pike, and this one's a goody if you're anal about your check-ins. (Wonder which side of the fence we're about to be on?) You now have the ability to fix those blasted incorrect, inaccurate or otherwise just plain wrong locations.

Now your old friend Jeremy, who fled his beloved hometown for the Midwest, can't become mayor of his forsaken airport merely because he misspelled it and you were too squinty-eyed for your 6:30 a.m. flight to notice and check in at the proper location.  (Hey, warned you about our anal-check-in thing.)

Anyhoo, you can now tell Foursquare of your buddy's transgressions and suggest that the venue info be flagged, market it as closed, as in incorrect address or as a duplicate. [Market linkApp Brain]

Phil Nickinson