New Foursquare Android 4.0 app released with revamped design and more

As promised a few days ago, Foursquare has released a new 4.0 version of its app for Android that includes a revamped design for the app, a new logo and more new features.

Here's a general description of the new app from the official Foursquare blog:

"The new Foursquare frees you from having to read long, random reviews, wondering if those people share your tastes. With Foursquare, find things based on your tastes, the places you like, and the friends and experts you trust most."

And sure enough, that's how it works. Fire it up and you'll be asked whether you like beer and tacos, or tacos and beer. Or beer. With tacos. And something about beer and perhaps tacos. And other foods, but those are the only important ones, really. You'll also be reminded that you'll need to use the Swarm app to actually check in to anything, which is still kind of annoying.

Snag the update in Google Play or at the link above.

John Callaham