Foursquare is refocusing their flagship app with an emphasis on discovery

Foursquare announced plans to release a new design for its popular local search app for Android in the near future, along with word that it will permanently move its check-in feature to its recently launched Swarm app on Thursday.

The new design for the Foursquare app has been designed to look slightly different for each user. Foursquare states:

No two people view the world exactly the same, so no two people will have the same experience with the app. Once you teach Foursquare a couple things about you – add tastes, follow experts, or even just walk around for a few days – the app will be 100% yours.

The new version has also been made to work with Foursquare's Swarm app. A check-in button will appear inside the new app if Swarm is also installed on the device. Speaking of Swarm, Foursquare has confirmed it will officially move all check-ins to that app starting on Thursday, adding, "Don't worry; all your past check-ins, all your friends, all your photos, they're all automatically in Swarm.

Finally, the new Foursquare app will also get a new logo, replacing the current one that looks like a check-in checkmark. The company says, "We designed it to be a mix of map pin and superhero emblem. We've always thought of Foursquare as giving you superpowers to explore your city, and our new logo reflects that vision."

What do you think about these changes that Foursquare is bringing to its app in the next few weeks and do you like or dislike its new super hero logo?

Source: Foursquare blog

John Callaham