New caps take effect today — 45 cents per MB, 24 cents per minute, 8 cents per SMS

European mobile subscribers will enjoy lower roaming rates for calls, texts and data within the EU from today, as new price caps come into effect. The new roaming price limits kick in a year from the start of the original EU roaming caps, a move which saw an end to excessive intra-European roaming prices.

Here's a breakdown of how things will change for Europeans roaming within Europe —

  • Price cap from data reduced from 70 cents per MB to 45 cents
  • Making a call reduced from 29 cents to 24 cents
  • Receiving a call reduced from 8 cents to 7 cents
  • Sending an SMS reduced from 9 cents to 8 cents

So it's the maximum cost of data that's seen the most significant drop, which makes sense considering data roaming is often the most expensive part of using smartphones abroad. It's worth underscoring, as ever, that these new rates only apply to subscribers of European mobile network roaming within other European countries — users roaming within the EU on a non-EU carrier will not be subject to these price caps.

The new caps come into effect a year before separate European roaming rates are expected to be abolished altogether.

Source: BBC News