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New App Inventor invites from Google; showcase your creations in our forums

Google is in the midst of sending out a new round of beta invites for its Android App Inventor service. Invites have been scarce since the launch back in July, so make sure to check your Gmail inbox if you signed up for your own golden ticket. The program works by pairing a webapp accessed through your browser and a downloadable Java file and requires no coding experience to get up and running. The interface is drag-and-drop, and Google even provedes a couple tutorials to get you up and running. 

And to boot, we're opening up the Android Central Forums to the Android App Inventor. Here, you can connect to other users of the program to discuss features, ask and answer questions, and even post your apps for other users to try out before releasing them onto the Android Market. Hit up the links to sign up for an App Inventor invite and then dive into the forums. See you there! [Android App Inventor | Android Central Forums] Thanks to @_JKK_  for confirming! 

  • I got my invite today haven't checked it out yet
  • Whats wrong with you? If I got an invitation i would be all up in that junk!
  • I so want it I have so many ideas
  • I got mine 2weeks ago forgot all about it lol... gotta check it out
  • Wow, how long ago did you guys sign up?
  • When Google announced it ;)
  • i applied the day it was released and im still waiting for my invite
  • Got my invite. I signed up when that first video came out about it
  • Got my invite a few weeks ago but it wouldn't recognize my DInc, gotta spend some time with it to figure that out...
  • make sure your phone is set to USB Debugging
  • Did that. It has to do with the driver for the DInc. But thanks.
  • I signed up when announced and haven't got anything ...
  • dude i signe dup like month ago still waiting
  • Glad to see the new app inventor getting some love. But Google needs to do something about this new licensing for paid apps. I didn't have data coverage earlier today and all of my paid games didn't work. Can we get a license cache for the app market. So I can play my games offline. I'm just saying it would be nice.
  • Dear Google, Please accept the application I provided for an invite on the first day. Thanks.
  • "before releasing them onto the Android Market" I'm nearly positive you can't post these apps into the Android Market..which was a huge disappointment for me. :(
  • nothing here...I'll just twiddle my thumbs as I wait.
  • I signed up with three different email accounts on the first day and still nothing. Luck of the draw I guess. Anyone able to share any impressions of it so far? is there a dedicated forum that Google has set up does anyone know? Thanks.
  • Got mine! Signed up first day.
  • Anybody have an invite that they don't want? Is it even possible to give an invite away if you don't want it?
  • I dont realy think its feasable to pass the accounts on as its tied to your google account ie: all your app perchases email accounts exs.
  • I've been messing around with mine, I was finally accepted a week or so ago. It's very basic, but at the same time very capable. I wish it actually generated the java so you could make some tweaks, and the layout options are limited. Overall not bad for a beta product aimed at novice developers. Could be very interesting if they make it full featured and allow app upload to market.
  • I signed up the day it was announced and still haven't gotten my invite :(
  • I signed up the day it was anounced also and recived my email acceptance at silly o'clock this morning will be on it tonight once I get home from work ;) so for those of you that still havent heard dont fret I'm sure they'll get round to you :D
  • Just got my invite about 10 minutes ago. Gonna be a beautiful way to waste my weekend!!!
  • Got mine friday after a month of waiting. It works well I dont want to pay 25$ to the market if you cant put it on there. Has anyone released an AI app the the market?