Never ask for directions again with Citymapper on Android Wear

Getting from point A to point B when you're visiting an unfamiliar city can be confusing and difficult. Trying to find schedules for trains and buses, and knowing when there is a delay in service — it's not fun for anyone. Citymapper is here to make it easier. It'll give you the directions you need, whether that means walking, grabbing a bus, taking the train, or all three. Available on Android Wear through the Google Play Store, this is a fantastic app for anyone who needs to use public transit in the cities it covers.

From your smartwatch, Citymapper gives you two basic options. You can preprogram regular destinations. Two slots appear by default; Home and Work. You can also add in custom destinations. Your other option is to input a trip on your phone and hit Go, it'll transfer to your smartwatch until you end the trip.

Citymapper phone screenshot

Once you've started your trip, you'll get directions using a combination of walking and public transit. Walking directions include time to your first stop, along with a mini map to help you along your way. Swipe to the right and you'll see your next leg of the journey. For bus or train routes, you'll get the line or route number, the destination and estimated time of arrival. If there is a delay you'll see an icon to let you know. Swiping down will give you more information, like the stops you'll pass while you ride.

Each leg of the journey is clearly indicated, and at any time you can open a larger map on your phone to get your bearings. There are also plenty of additional options in the app on your phone liking texting directions to a place you're meeting up with friends, or checking on the status of local Uber services. Citymapper also gives you multiple arrival times for train lines, and lets you know if you can hop multiple different buses if they'll get you to your destination.

Citymapper smartwatch screenshot

The only real downside of the app is that it isn't available everywhere. Right now it has 10 cities including New York, Washington D.C., San Francisco and Montreal. The app will still work in the surrounding area, but it isn't nearly as effective. The developers are already asking for input on the next city to add, so hopefully they'll be expanding their list of cities soon.

Overall Citymapper is a fantastic app whether you're commuting, or visiting the city on vacation. With it's options it will ensure you can get where you need it, in the most efficient way possible. Plane, train, and automobile are all covered by this app and it's worth checking out if you're in it's area of operation. Have you tried Citymapper? Let us know!

Jen Karner

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