Arlo's latest smart home gadget is the Arlo Audio Doorbell

Arlo has become fairly well-known for its wireless security cameras, and now the company's expanding its reaches in the smart home market with the Arlo Audio Doorbell.

As soon as someone rings the Arlo Doorbell, you'll receive a call on your phone through the free Arlo app. Once you get the call, you can either accept it or send a prerecorded message. Also, if you have an Arlo camera, you'll get a live video feed of your front door with that call once someone arrives.

The Audio Doorbell will be available for purchase this fall.

This is a different approach to smart doorbells like Nest Hello and Ring's lineup that cram a camera into the doorbell itself, but if you're already invested in the Arlo ecosystem, this will likely be a much more cost-effective way of upgrading your front door. And, just like Arlo's other products, the Audio Doorbell promises a very user-friendly installation process.

Additionally, Arlo also announced the Arlo Chime. This essentially replaces your regular doorbell chime and simply plugs into any outlet around your house. There aren't any wires to mess with and you can place multiple throughout your home to ensure you never miss an Arlo notification even if you're away from your phone.

Although pricing for the two products has yet to be announced, Arlo says that they will be on sale at some point this fall. To ensure you get all the latest info as soon as it's available, you can register for updates on Arlo's site with the button below.

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