Nest x Yale smart lock now supports Google Assistant voice commands

In March of this year, Nest officially launched its first smart lock in the form of the Nest x Yale. The lock features a keypad and can be controlled via the Nest app, and starting August 29, you'll be able to manage it using the Google Assistant.

This is the first time any voice commands have been available for the Nest x Yale, and with Google Assistant support, you'll be able to check the status of the lock, lock your door, and add it to any of your Assistant Routines. For example, if you add the Nest x Yale lock to a Routine titled "Goodnight", you can turn off your lights, set an alarm, and lock all your doors with just one command.

All of these controls should prove to be mighty convenient, but take note that you won't be able to unlock your door using Google Assistant. This was done as a sort of security precaution, and if you ask us, is a smart move on Nest's part. Nest says you'll be able to use Assistant commands for the Nest x Yale on both Google Home speakers and smartphones.

If you haven't already picked up a Nest x Yale, the smart lock starts at $249 on its own or costs $279 if you buy it and a Nest Connect as part of a special bundle.

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Joe Maring

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