Nest's third-gen thermostat introduces a sleeker look and feel

Alphabet has launched the third-generation of the Nest smart thermostat. Looking at provided media, the new appliance will not only continue to save households money on their bills but this latest version of the Nest Thermostat is thinner and better looking overall. There's also a handy new feature to go with the larger display, called Farsight.

Farsight detects when you walk into the room, wakes up the display and reveals either the set temperature or time. Nest has also added even more temperature sensors to ensure the thermostat is accurate. This makes the learning that much more effective with the device detecting how the house heats up and cools down, as well as whether or not it's a draughty environment.

The new Nest Thermostat will even monitor your furnace and display a message should it detect an issue with your heating setup. This feature will be hitting first and second-generation Nest installations later this year, but for now it's a new-gen exclusive. As always, the company will continue rolling out software updates, further enhancing the thermostat's ability to keep you feeling comfortable in your own home.

Buy the Nest Thermostat for $249

Source: Nest

Rich Edmonds