In a bid to give the connected home space a boost, Google-owned Nest has now released an open source version of its Thread networking protocol. Called OpenThread, the protocol can be implemented by anyone, allowing smart home products like lights and smoke detectors easily communicate with one another.

Nest open sources the networking code behind its smart home products

From OpenThread on GitHub:

OpenThread is an open-source implementation of the Thread networking protocol. With OpenThread, Nest is making the technology used in Nest products more broadly available to accelerate the development of products for the connected home.

The Thread specification defines an IPv6-based reliable, secure and low-power wireless device-to-device communication protocol for home applications. More information about Thread can be found on

Not only will device manufacturers be able to implement this code in their smart home products, but they'll also be able to contribute to the codebase as it evolves and gets better over time. Of course, if OpenThread sees widespread adoption, Nest will benefit as well by having its tech behind a growing network of smart home devices that can easily talk to one another.