When it comes to video doorbells, package thieves and scary solicitors have been the go-to fodder for advertising. And, yeah, it makes sense. Those are two things a doorbell with a camera and mic and speaker definitely will help out with.

But on Sunday night during the Oscars telecast, Nest — a company that's never really done too much in the way of advertising — took an emotional turn. And it was a particularly poignant turn given that the broadcast was full of emotional adverts.

That said, having the prom-night respect talk through a video doorbell is a pretty Dad™ thing to do. First, let's maybe have that conversation before dude is literally on his way out the door. And besides, chauffeuring the ladies around in the minivan should help cut down on the swagger just a little bit anyway.

In any event, it was a nice, emotional spot for a product we're definitely looking to get our hands on. When? Sometime in March, though Nest has yet to give a firm shipping date.

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