NBA 2K Playgrounds for AndroidSource: 2K / Google Play Store

What you need to know

  • NBA 2K Playgrounds is a two-on-two arcade-style basketball game licensed by the NBA.
  • A version for Android is currently being beta-tested in select regions.
  • It will be a free-to-play title with a reliance on unlocking player packs and in-app purchases.

NBA 2K Playgrounds is a two-on-two arcade-style basketball game that first landed on consoles back in 2017. Now, it would seem 2K is keen on bringing the franchise to mobile as a free-to-play title, with beta testing currently underway in select regions.

2K Playgrounds features exaggerated character models and simplified gameplay that should translate well to mobile. I mean, this is a tried and tested format that we've seen before from NBA Jam. It's nice to see more sports arcade games hitting the Google Play Store, but I am discouraged by the free-to-play mechanics that 2K is building this game around.

Unlike NBA Jam, which gives you a full roster of NBA talent to choose from, NBA 2K Playgrounds has you unlocking and upgrading your favorite players using a random card pack system. That basically means you're going to need to grind away for hours or spend real money to buy card packs outright for a chance at unlocking your favorite NBA superstars.

The Google Play listing shows that the game is currently being beta-tested in select regions such as the Philippines. There's no word when the game will be ready for an official release.

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