Nanoleaf's new smart light bars bring sleek, modular designs to your home

Nanoleaf Lines Packaging
Nanoleaf Lines Packaging (Image credit: Nanoleaf)

What you need to know

  • Nanoleaf launches its latest modular smart lights.
  • The new Nanoleaf Lines feature dual-color zones and can connect at 60-degree angle increments.
  • The smart lights will be compatible with Thread and the upcoming Matter standard.
  • Nanoleaf Lines retail for $200 and are available for preorder.

Nanoleaf offers several different types of smart lighting options which are among the best smart lights for gaming, but now the company is launching Nanoleaf Lines, new light bars that offer even greater design possibilities.

Similar to the company's other smart lighting products like the Nanoleaf Canvas, the new Nanoleaf Lines takes a modular approach, allowing owners to create all sorts of different shapes with the sleek new bar design. The bars can connect at 60-degree increments, which should make it easy to get creative.

The Nanoleaf Lines feature dual-color zones so that each bar can cast two colors at once for a seamless blending of the hues. Users can also enjoy any of the 19 preset lighting scenes to set a specific mood or create one of their own in the Nanoleaf app.

Source: Nanoleaf (Image credit: Source: Nanoleaf)

Thanks to the Rhythm feature, the Nanoleaf Lines can sync up to music in real-time with dynamic color visuals, or users can use the screen mirror to match what's happening on the TV for immersive gaming or movie-watching.

Nanoleaf Lines are compatible with several different smart home ecosystems and virtual assistants, including Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for hands-free voice commands. And Lines will also be compatible with the Matter connectivity standard when it launches, making it easier to seamlessly connect to any ecosystem.

Preorder is open now for the Nanoleaf Lines, which retail for $200 for a pack of nine light bars. An extension pack, which includes three additional bars, will be available for $80. The lights are expected to ship in late November, just in time to start decorating for the holidays.

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