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myTouch 3G Fender Edition Sold Out

Most collaborations and special edition devices come off as contrived ideas that aren't much different from the original device. The myTouch 3G was not your typical special edition device. The design was stellar, the execution was awesome, and judging from its sales, it was wildly successful. We noticed that the myTouch 3G Fender wasn't available for upgrade users a week ago and guessed that it sold out. We were right. Tmonews is reporting that all 17,250 units of the myTouch 3G Fender Edition has been sold out. The demand for the myTouch 3G Fender is so high that T-Mobile is ordering a second round of devices for release in April. If you missed out today, don't miss out in April!

Who bought one of these?

  • I was thinking of it, but opted for the Nexus One instead. I was going to buy it unsubsidized, so $450 vs $ brainer.
  • I did buy the mytouch Fender and returned it for the Nexus One..AND had no trouble with TMobile..they already put the money back into my account. I cannot believe the hatin going on against T-Mobile...the following are terrible myths concerning cell phones and t-mobile (glad I didnt believe what I read)
    1. T-mobile not taking returns on the MyTouch 3G Fender LE.
    2. Nexus One will not work with Even More Plus plans.
    3. Battery on Nexus One terribly short.
    4. Keyboard is virtually impossible to type on Nexus One
    5. Headphones that come with Nexus One are terrible 1. TMobile refunded my money in less than a week.
    2. Tmobile got me up and running with the 500+unlimited text+web, no contract.
    3. Installed a task killer and the difference is NIGHT from DAY
    4. I just quit trying so hard to make sure I was hitting the right key and VIOLA! my subconcious took over and I am typing like on an actual hard keyboard.
    5. My headphones are the bomb, doesnt control volume, but damn it dont get up and cook breakfast either. Conclusion...lot of hating going on for the best phone and pretty good carrier I have ever had. So dont take my word for it, try it out yourself..only cost you restocking fee, but after you get it, that will be the last thing you are worrying about.
  • This limited edition, features a new sunburst finish inspired by Fender guitars as well as a number of enhancements centered around, not surprisingly, music.
    More details:
  • I bought the Fender about 4 weeks ago. Coming from a BB it was a big change but I'm liking it!
  • Who? Uninformed consumers. For a few bucks more you could have gotten a device that's 5X better.
  • Agreed, while the Fender looks nice, the Nexus One is a much better phone.