My Disney Experience is a whole new experience in new update

It's not a Dole Whip. It's not a ride. It's not those trademark Mickey Mouse ears. It's an app. Walt Disney World has tied everything about your vacation to one lovely app: park tickets, dinner reservations, PhotoPass, hotel reservations and much of the resort's maps and information. If you're coming to the Most Magical Place on Earth, My Disney Experience (opens in new tab) is your lifeline.

And it's a whole new app in its newest update.

The My Disney Experience app (opens in new tab) has streamlined its layout, consolidating its many pages and menus into a single map and a single menu that you can drag up from your avatar character. Gone is the hamburger menu, replaced with a single, full-page list. From that menu you can buy or link park and party tickets, make dining reservations, check out your PhotoPass pictures, and even book your hotel if you've somehow made your way to the park without a room already ready for you.

The map now covers almost the entire screen as the controls have been condensed to a single white bar at the top of the screen. You simply swipe left or right on that white bar to switch between attractions, dining, restrooms, and other categories on the map. The map still has issues with resolution and overlapping map pins, especially around Cinderella Castle, but at least the map is more responsive and quicker to use, especially for navigating around the park.

The old map, the new map, and the continued bugs

Whether you need wait times to figure out which ride you hit next or directions to the nearest bathroom, the My Disney Experience app (opens in new tab) app is your guide to Walt Disney World, and you should absolutely, positively, download and acquaint yourself with it before you and your little ones head for the airport.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go wish for a Dole Whip.

Ara Wagoner

Ara Wagoner was a staff writer at Android Central. She themes phones and pokes YouTube Music with a stick. When she's not writing about cases, Chromebooks, or customization, she's wandering around Walt Disney World. If you see her without headphones, RUN. You can follow her on Twitter at @arawagco.

  • Thanks... Just forwarded this to my friends...
  • They've had this app for Disneyland in CA. Would've thought that Disney World would've had it by now. But pretty cool that they've finally released one for there. Very useful.
  • Oh, they've had the app for over a year, it just got a big update this week.
  • I'm at the park this week and it literally updated mid-day for me while I was on wifi. I wasn't exactly thrilled about learning the new layout mid-trip.
  • I'd've loved to use it in park before writing this. That said, what are you doing reading this at the park? Go ride Soarin for me!
  • Oh I'm not at the park today. Today is a much needed "day off" on an 11 day trip. ;-)
  • I live in Orlando, I'll dedicate my next dole whip to you. :)
  • (pleading eyes) Take me back there with you! I've been gone for six days and I MISS IT SO MUCH!
  • Did you see that you can get a Dole whip with Rum now? I forgot the one location that has it, but there is one.
  • It's nice to see MDE updated and improved. However, as a frequent guest to Walt Disney World, their wifi stinks most of the time... especially when the parks are busy. They want you to be dependent on this app and yet accessing it can be a struggle.
  • Yes to all of that. But that's also what data plans are for.
  • I dunno what a dole whip is over there, but over here it's a device used by Theresa May to flay plebs.
  • pineapple flavored softserve, and you can get it as a float in pineapple juice
  • Pineapple flavour ice cream? Weird... I'd like to try it!
  • This is a great upgrade to an invaluable app. What's more, you can set up Tasker to unlock your phone and launch the MDE app by touching your MagicBand to your phone. :-)
  • A whole new map? More like a whole new world. And how have I been to DW twice and have never heard of dole whip? Argh!
  • You, sir, are missing out.
  • You can order the same mix they use from Precision Foods to recreate the experience at home. It's not the same as being there... But I'll take a Dole Whip anywhere.
  • We go once a week and Always have Fast passes set for the next week.. Love the app and the photopasses now included in an annual pass don't even need to go in the parks with a camera just download the pics from the app
  • The ONLY app you need? Are you KIDDING me? Sorry - but the author has NO idea what he is talking about! There are EXTREMELY useful 3rd party apps that gives you WAY more information than disney gives u officially - like extreme accurate wait times - or thinks like fireworks cancellations MINUTES before disney announces them! Try MOUSEWAIT one time - you will never disney without it! Only app. What a smafou!
  • Went to the Play store... And MouseWait hasn't been updated in awhile... According to some people... Stale... Not currently being supported...
  • Doesn't matter. The app just provides the platform. The useres themselves report the wait times for the rides.
  • This app is a must when in Disney.
  • Test
  • Well then... wish I had this last time I was there! Thanks Ara!