My Apple TV with Airplay 1, Google Chromecast 0

Android Central Forums member danrad55 felt a little let down after learning that for as awesome as Chromecast is at this point, it can't stream live events. He writes:

I was looking for some help "Chromecasting" the LIVE Lollapalooza Concert from Chicago with my new Google Chromecast via Youtube as promised, but no luck. Yesterday it wouldn't play so I thought that because it was new, they were having some start up issues. Today the concert plays better but no Chromecast. Anyone else have the same issue? It plays other feeds, Netflix beautifully. I decided to plug in my Apple TV and try streaming using my iPad 2. Perfect. I have tried using my PC and Samsung S4 to no avail. Bummed and disappointed and sadly, I have to admit that at this point the Apple System is kicking ass. Anyone here know how to stream the Live feed. Thanks in advance.

We're feelin' ya. Welcome to the wonderful world of lawyers. Yes, you can Cast over a full Chrome tab, but i agree it's just not as good, and in some case unwatchable.

Let's hope the suits get their stuff together. Live events on Chromecast need to happen.

Phil Nickinson