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Must-haves for remote teaching

Remote Teaching Adorama
Remote Teaching Adorama (Image credit: Adorama)

If you're a teacher, you're probably still struggling with the adjustment of having to teach remotely. Between getting kids or students to pay attention when they're at home, making sure that you have all your necessary materials, and dealing with any tech issues that could pop up, teaching remotely is a lot. But those tech issues don't have to be quite as much issue. With the right tools, your online teaching experience could get a whole lot better.

No matter what tech you need to enhance your remote teaching experience is, there should be something on the list for you below. Check out these must-haves for remote teaching.

All the tech you need

Teaching from home is likely a new challenge for you, but hopefully these tools will help take tech out of that equation. Whether you want to improve your audio with something like the Corsair Void Elite Surround headset (opens in new tab) or the Audio Technica AT2020USB+ (opens in new tab), or you want to make sure your image is crystal clear with the Lenovo 500 webcam (opens in new tab), it's worth considering these options.