Musicnotes Sheet Music Viewer app well on its way to Android

Youtube link for mobile viewing

Hear ye, hear ye, all musicians and readers of sheet music. Pretty soon you too will be able to flip through your digital purchases of sheet music on your Android tablet of your choice, removing the need things like paper and folders that we've all grown accustomed to.

It definitely looks like it'll only show music you've bought from, but with such an expansive catalog, you'll probably be able to find what you're looking for. Say the developers:

"Over the last few months we've been hard at work creating an Android app for our customers to be able to access their sheet music. It's based on the things that have worked well on the iPad app (which has been downloaded over 100,000 times) -- and will have a few extras that Android allows us to do that Apple doesn't."

Pretty cool stuff, especially if you're the type of person who is used to hauling around a couple of 3-inch binders filled with music. The app is set for release sometime this summer, so as soon as we know it's out, we'll let y'all know.

Source: YouTube; Thanks, Bill!

Joshua Munoz
  • I've been using our Transformer to view sheet music (piano). I try to get all of my sheet music in PDF form and it works great with google books. I like the idea of a sheet music "store" available on android though.
  • Let me know though when one of these can listen to what you're playing and know when you get to the end of the page. If it could figure that out and change the page for you, it would be awesome.
  • What app do you use to view the PDFs that you create?
  • he said Tool like 20 times..what a tool LOL sorry I couldn't resist
  • Oh, I have wanted one of these apps so badly...Maybe I'll finally get a tablet as a portable sheet music reader. That's really all I want one for.
  • I've been waiting for something like this for android for a while. Great news!
  • This app is now available in the android market.
  • This is pretty useless to musicians without a way to import pdfs of sheet music.