Mujjo Touchscreen Winter Gloves review: Your phone will freeze up before your hands do

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I live in Winnipeg, a Canadian city that's best known for our NHL team, the Winnipeg Jets, and our long and cold winters that just seem to drag on. I was sent a pair of Mujjo's all-new touchscreen gloves to test out way back in November and they've been the only gloves I've worn throughout the winter season. Not only did they survive, but they kept my hands toasty warm on even the cold days. Oh, and they work with my phones.

The Good

  • Comfortable fit and unisex design
  • Conductive touch for all your fingers
  • Quality stitching and materials
  • Grip pads to help you hold your phone
  • 3M Thinsulate for wind resistance

The Bad

  • Higher price than other options
  • Stitching occasionally interferes with touch

Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves What I like

With the advent of touchscreen smartphones, those of us living in colder climates had to learn to adjust to using them during the winter months. Usually that resulted in the move where you bite off your mitten or glove to send a text, answer a phone call, or switch through music. Touchscreen gloves were a revelation, with the conductive threads woven into the fingertips allowing you to use your phone without exposing your fingers. But the gloves available 10 years ago were cheap and too thin to be substantially warm, didn't always work, and often fell apart before one season was done.

With those experiences firmly in mind, I went into testing Mujjo's touchscreen gloves explicitly with the intentions of using these gloves daily and seeing if they could not survive heavy usage during a particularly harsh Winnipeg winter.

These gloves will hold up to cold weather better than your phone.

To start, these gloves are very comfortable. I went with the large size and the fit was damn near perfect. I appreciate that they were designed to look just like any other pair of winter gloves, with no gaudy fingertips or any external indication that they are optimized for phones.

Mujjo's gloves look stylish and professional but, most importantly, they keep your hands at a comfortable temperature even on the coldest days. The wrist cuffs are long enough to tuck into any jacket which is important on windy days, too.

Another thoughtful addition is the grip along the fingers and palm that are designed to line up with where your phone would naturally fall when holding your phone. I did find that it gave me a more secure grip on my handset, but it also made these gloves great for winter driving as it let me get a better grip on my ice-cold steering wheel as I waited for my car to warm up.

Most importantly, the touch sensitivity works really well with these gloves across all five fingers on both hands — that's the main point of buying these gloves, right? The one thing you'll want to avoid is trying to touch with the stitched edge of the finger as they won't work quite right.

Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves What I don't like

These gloves had no issues keeping my hands nice and comfortable during the majority of winter — but on those particularly nasty days where the mercury dipped low enough where Celcius and Farenheit temperatures start to match up (-30 and below), the warmth started to break down. These are temperatures where exposed skin will start to freeze in 15 minutes or less, and to be fair, my phones would typically shut down pretty quickly in these conditions, too. This fact lets me confidently state that these gloves will hold up to cold weather better than your phone will. Also, when it's that cold out, you're probably not going to be casually hanging around outside, but being able to quickly interact with your phone without taking off your gloves becomes even more important in those rare situations.

In terms of quality, the stitching for the gloves has held up wonderfully, but I have noticed that some of the grip adhered to the palms is starting to wear away. Part of this might have to do with how I've also been wearing them while driving my car as well, but all things considered, the wear isn't that bad with one full winter in the books.

Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves Bottom line

Mujjo has done a great job in designing a pair of touchscreen gloves that work as well as advertised while also allowing you to look and feel quite professional while wearing them. They're available in four sizes so be sure to check Mujjo's sizing guide to find the right fit for your hands.

4 out of 5

Investing good money into a pair of touchscreen winter gloves makes sense if you live in a colder climate. Sure, spring is finally here so the last thing you might be thinking about is buying new winter gear, but with gloves like these you can simply stash them in your winter coat pocket and they'll be there waiting for you when the snow starts flying next November.

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Marc Lagace

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