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Mozilla working on a tablet specific version of Firefox, show a peek at the new UI

If you have a Honeycomb tablet, I know you're aware of just how great some of the apps can look and feel.  It looks like Mozilla is aware as well, and are hard at work building a tablet specific version of Firefox Mobile.  Based on the same core code as the existing Firefox Mobile browser, the user interface looks to be receiving some very nice changes for the extra screen real estate that a tablet provides.  All the familiar features are there, including the awesomebar, and so far the biggest change looks to be the way tabs are shown and navigated.  In portrait mode, you'll have a button near the address bar that opens a menu of your running tabs, and in landscape, you'll have a persistent scrollable bar on the left with previews of each running tab.  We are pretty excited to see what the folks at Mozilla cook up next, as there's a space for the "perfect" web browser on a tablet that's still wide open.  You can see a few more pictures at the source link.

Source: Ian Barlow

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

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  • I think they should Make the Mobile Version better also. But can't wait for this ^^
  • Based on the same code means still NO FLASH!! C'mon, Moz... Flash is included IN THE DEVICE! USE IT!
  • Agreed
  • +1
  • I think the Mozilla team should work on an Adroid version of Thunderbird. One of the things I find to be the weakest on Android is the email apps. I would like to see a full featured mail client like Thunderbird on my Moto Photon.
  • Mobile? I want full website only like on my desktop or laptop, or give us a choice like we can with the default browser on the Xoom, but with out having to go through the the same hassle to access it. Some time I want websites to think i am on a desktop , with 4g speeds and wifi why do I care about mobile.
  • Looks better than stock version :)