This Motorola Razr 5G got destroyed and cost $1000 to repair, but it's not all bad news

Motorola RAZR (2020)
Motorola RAZR (2020) (Image credit: Michael Fisher)

What you need to know

  • Michael Fisher, a.k.a. Mr. Mobile, accidentally dropped his Motorola Razr 5G, and the result was not a pretty one.
  • The outer display was completely damaged, but the inner display was not.
  • There are a number of options for someone in a similar situation, and Fischer tries them all.

In today's world, where many of the best Android smartphones cost upwards of $1000, breaking or losing one is not ideal. You might fall down, hear a crack, and hope with all your might that it was your leg and not your phone. Foldable phones have an especially fragile reputation, so everyone's favorite phone guy, Michael Fisher, must have really felt the pain when he accidentally dropped his Motorola Razr 5G, completely destroying the outer display. But it wasn't all bad:

Call it a holiday miracle, but while the outer display was unmistakably damaged, the inner folding display was left unscathed. The only problem is that without insurance, Mr. Mobile had to figure out some creative ways to get his phone fixed.

He first tried Motorola, which offered to replace the phone, but cost nearly as much as a new Razr 5G. Mobile repair shops were also understandably a no-go. Finally, it was brought to his attention that credit card companies offer a type of insurance on phones that were paid for with the card.

So while Michael Fisher was able to secure at least half the cost towards purchasing a new phone, his experience brings up some good points. The first is that while foldable smartphones may seem more fragile than more traditional ones, no smartphone is invincible to the damage of a fall at the right angle. This brings us to the next point — when purchasing such expensive devices, it's always smart to have some sort of protection and/or insurance.

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  • So a whole article that posits that water is wet, and fire is hot. If you drop something fragile, it will break.
  • Journalism really went down the *******
  • Was this mostly to advertise for Asurion? Really. They are cheap but you're pretty much wasting your hard earned money. You can never get ahold of them.
  • This is why we can't have nice things!!! This is why insurance is so freaking expensive and phones are too delicate and expensive!!
  • Another enthralling non article!
  • If you add up all the money you would have paid for insurance since the last time you needed to fix your phone you would quickly find that insurance is far more expensive than just paying for the repairs yourself. Looked at another way. If you pay $10 a month for insurance then two years later break your screen, you don't get it fixed for free. It cost you $240 plus the deductible to fix an old phone you were probably going to replace soon anyways. Insurance is good for things you couldn't possibly afford to replace. Like a house. Or if you cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage and medical bills in a collision in your car. If you don't have a couple hundred bucks to fix your phone? Then you probably can't afford phone insurance either.