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Motorola expands list of phones getting Ice Cream Sandwich updates

We're still waiting on the first update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for Motorola smartphones, but the manufacturer has just given an update which devices will receive ICS.

The Droid Bionic, RAZR (the whole line) and Xoom were already known (and the Xoom Wifi has already gotten its update). Same goes for the recently released Droid 4, as well as the XYBOARD tablets. New on the upgrade list are the Photon 4G, Atrix 4G, Atrix 2 and Motorola Electrify.

Still no word on precise timing for updates, though Motorola does say "Our engineers and designers are combing through the code and preparing it for you" and that it's shooting for Q3 (July-September) updates for the RAZR, XYBOARD, Photo 4G and Atrix lines.

Good to know.

Source: Motorola (opens in new tab) (full list of updates)

  • @motorola Actions speak louder then words. Don't spend Months telling people what phones are being updated. Update them. Wait the carriers have to "fine tune" the update.
  • Some people are never happy.
  • That's almost a year behind release. I almost think google should start releasing these updates to the OEMs in advance so when its released it will be ready or real close to ready for most devices immediately. This is one area where android fails and will until something changes.
  • The problem is that Motorola does not control the release the updates. The carriers have to certify it. From what I can see it takes months for that to happen. International phones get updated and several months later the carriers specific ones get an update that gets pulled two days later and then they forget about it for several months if they ever get back to it.
  • Jordan, Motorola probably has a week by week basis as to what their software engineers have to do to get this thing running and their bug testers to test the hell out of it. It's going to take till Jul to September. They know this date, they have it all planned out and I'm sure they're trying real hard to get it to you even sooner if they can. With that sad, you would be complaining if they did or didn't give a date. You would continue to complain NO MATTER WHAT even if they released ICS right now because it would be buggy as hell. Moral of this story, quit complaining. At least they are keeping you posted and updated.
  • News I've been waiting for since I got my Atrix 2 back in October. Thanks Motorola!
  • I still have a soft spot for the Atrix 2, it really is a good looking phone, just wish they put in a better display. Glad to see it getting ICS.
  • Moto delivers. They aren't Sammy.
  • I think we should wait for them to actually update them before we say they "deliver". In my experience Motorola has been nothing but terrible at actually delivering.
  • When it comes to the united states its not manufactures who update the phones its the carriers. So Motorola does not deliver or Samsung.
  • Unless you bought a Moto Devour back in the day and expected an update to android 2.1 as was promised. Biggest fail phone moto has ever released, hands down. What a sour taste that phone put in my mouth.
  • That phone just looked like a disaster from the outset. Hideous, underpowered, saddled with Blur back when Blur was REALLY bad... I'm not entirely sure why that thing even existed.
  • They've delivered nothing. Its all talk right now. We'll see who updates first. You gotta walk the walk!
  • Sweet, I'm gonna love ICS on my Photon! Thanks Moto!
  • ABSOLUTELY!! My thoughts exactly, Love My MoPho but 5-6 months, eek!! I'll be ready for a new phone by then!
  • Likely the reason the manufacturers will not give time lines on the updates is they have to wait for the carrier to "certify" the update.
  • Sweet, was thinking my OG Atrix was getting left behind. Looks like i wont be upgrading to a new phone first chance I got and may ride out the full 2 years.
  • I agree. Looking at what is out now and projected to come out in the next few months... I'm not impressed.
  • The Atrix is a great phone. The only reason I upgraded to the GNex is because I wanted to get away from AT&T.
  • MoPho, baby!
  • That is outstanding news!!!!!!!!!!! We were specifically told on the Motorola User's Forum that the Atrix 4G would NOT be getting the ICS upgrade.
  • Heres the timeline.
  • Isn't it crazy how the foreign razr gets ics in 2nd quarter and usa razr is still in evaluation stage
  • The source anchor ( is a 404.
  • Updated. Motorola changed the URL to fix the date, apparently.
  • and the July release of the Droid 3 is still abandoned. so I was right that 512mb ram was going to be too little to handle ICS
  • Too bad I already have it thanks to the cm9 dev team over at xda! Lol
  • A thousand times this. The only reason I care is that it might eventually help further development, other than that the current CM9 ROMs for the Atrix/Photon have reached a stage where they can be used as a daily.
  • Exactly. The A2 radio is different from the others, so hopefully some leaks will come in the next few months. CM9 could come out before ics does. Funny how people say it'll be irrelevant when it comes out, well not to the people who own these devices. My wife has the OG ATRIX and it's time for an update.
  • This blows. Xoom 3g is still in Phase 1 while Xoom Wifi has already been upgraded! I can't go the custom ROM way because my Xoom is provided by my work so I can't "play" with it. Does anybody know if it will actually GET ICS? I thought it was a Google Experience Device so updates would come from Google...
  • Updates come from Google, but still have to go through the 3G service provider. Some providers are faster than others, but they're all varying levels of slow.
  • Updated link: And full list:
  • I think I'll get the Galaxy Nexus on Sprint once it's available...I'm not too happy with Motorola and Sprint's lack of updates on the Photon 4G
  • Lack of updates? They have had 3 since launch and the phone was almost perfect out of the box. What issues are you wanting a fix for?
  • Those phones will be irrelevant by the time ICS is running on them. July-September time frame? When did Google have the big ICS annoucement? About Oct. 19? That's practically a year after the OS was announced. Android will be on 4.1 or 4.2 by then!
  • I can't believe you are the first person to say this! I was thinking the same thing. What a damn joke Motorola is at this point. It's going to take them around a year to deploy an update? Holy crap they make millions upon millions and can't afford to hire people who can work and complete a project in less than a year? Wow just pathetic and I'm so glad I decided to never buy a Motorola ever again.
  • So...if you read Moto's blogs...they didn't get access to ICS code until after the Galaxy Nexus hit store shelves. That was took them 2 mos to churn through and announce the additional phones today. Slower than I'd have liked? Sure, but I'd rather have them commit and be sure they can deliver, than announce a slew of phones and have to later pull back due to unforeseen issues. You can't use the 10/19 date...only Samsung had access to the code until the phone hit the shelves. So...July-September would be 6-9 months after GA of ICS. Considering they'll do all the more current phones first, that timeline is perfectly reasonable. Plus...I'll have 12-15 months on contract still with my Photon, it won't be irrelevant to a lot of us. Not all of us have phone ADHD and feel the need to switch every 3-6 months to the latest phone. I'm hopeful that the dates includes carrier testing...not just when Moto delivers it to Sprint...cuz we all know that will really slow the ICS train down.
  • Nice to see the Photon 4G not getting over-looked...
  • Oh brother their they go dreaming again. Please prove all this update talk.
  • Nice! I'm still rocking my Atrix. Granted we won't get ICS right away, but it's nice to know it's on the way.
  • Wow. Q3? That's almost a year after ICS came out.
  • Guess I have to wait till Q3 for my Atrix to get ICS .. hope they get rid off the Blur overlay and give us a clean Google experience..
  • lol good one!
  • Ever since the Bionic received the 901/902 update, the phone is excellent. So much so that I'm not in a rush to mod it (other than root, which I already did). The locked bootloader is a major bummer since I won't be seeing any Project Elite love for my phone, but overall it's running great and does what I need it to do. I'm not desperate enough to buy a GNex for retail just to mod it. I can take or leave ICS, really.
  • Don't hold your breath for jelly bean fRom what it looks like ICS was a huge upgrade from gingerbread (engineering wise) I think Google is going to run with this for a while (dare say two years?) And try to kill the mystical fragmentation issue. That's just my opinion
  • I wouldn't bet on that. Standing still for two years would be a major problem for Android. "Majel" alone could be cause for Jelly Bean to come out in the next year (whatever Majel turns out to be).
  • I remember back in November/December, when the ReZound and RAZR came out, and all of us "stupid people" were waiting on the Nexus. Owners of the two R phones would come into every Nexus thread and post stuff like, "the Nexus is a garbage phone, the Razr/ReZound is a much better hardware choice and once they get ICS in a month or two they will be so much better. Glad I didn't wait!" Galaxy Nexus gets released in December, and already has the update to 4.0.2 waiting for us as soon as it's activated (an update that the GSM Galaxy Nexus had to wait an additional month for, btw). 4.0.4 leaked out for the LTE Gnex a couple weeks ago, with new radios and better battery life, and also should be going OTA sometime soon. Meanwhile, the ReZound isn't included in HTC's first round of ICS updates (despite being their current flagship), and the RAZR has no timeline whatsoever. If you read into their chart a little bit, development for the Bionic/Razr/Razr Maxx/Droid 4 hasn't even BEGUN yet, while other devices are already in their testing phase. Now I'm not trying to stick it anybody's face or what-have-you, in fact I wish we could live in a utopian Android world where every device is updated within a month of a new OS. But purchasers of both devices who thought that the carriers/manufactures would get you ICS within a 2-4 month window, this should tell you to NEVER TRUST ANYTHING THEY SAY when it comes to software updates.
  • *sigh* no news on droid 3, i won't be surprised if they skip it because of how fast they rushed out the d4
  • I'm not worried about exact timeframes being announced. The point is Motorola is talking ICS. It'll be here soon enough.
  • Will the Droid X/X2 see ICS?
  • The X won't.. But I'd sure think the X 2 would... With Google's contract with Motorola to support the phone with updates for 18 months the X 2 should get it. Though Motorola not announcing it makes me think otherwise, which is complete bull.
  • I have been periodically running the Alpha releases of ICS for the Bionic. Even in Alpha, it is a very nice step forward, but the devs are handicapped by not having access to the bootloader/kernel side of things. Its a pretty sad state of affairs when a group of developers can build a (mostly) working version of ICS in their spare time, and Motorola hasn't even started the testing phase of things. If Moto is going to take a year to get up to speed on these things, they should unlock the bootloaders (or give us a way to do it ourselves). There are other phones out there that have unlocked bootloaders, so their argument that it is the carrier's fault is BS. Locked/encrypted bootloaders are the biggest obstacle in the way of development for Moto phones. I hope that with the upcoming purchase of Moto by Google, that we will finally be getting all the things that Moto has promised over the past year or so (ICS, unlocked bootloaders, etc)
  • I bet Moto releases a new phone with ICS out of the box before the first ICS update is pushed to any of the phones listed.
  • OR get a Nexus and get it over with.
  • Q3 for the Droid RAZR??? What happened to Moto saying it would be coming in Q1 2012?? It's no wonder that Moto couldn't stay afloat on their own, if their business strategy is to delay everything indefinitely and break promises. I sure hope the Google buyout can take care of this crap, without of course pushing the other manufacturers aside. There is NO WAY that it takes that long for a team of software engineers with full access to any and all levels of hardware and coding that they need to rewrite a few drivers, port a system, ensure its stability, apply some tweaks and their own interface, and get it into testing. I understand its a complicated process and their job is far more in-depth than say the CM9 team has to do, yet they also have MUCH greater resources at their disposal that independent devs do not. I'm sure glad I got this RAZR for free, otherwise I'd be quite pissed that I wasted my money on a device that was promised a timely ICS upgrade that isn't coming for quite awhile yet. No excuse for this, considering the leak for the GSM version and the fact that CM9 is mostly working. Google really needs to put as much pressure they can on the OEM's, its unacceptable for everyone to be seeing commercials for the newest version of Android, yet their brand new Android devices may or may not get it some point in the next 6-9 months, if at all. I hate to admit it, but this is one of the things pushing people to Apple, as the newest version of the OS is ported in some form to devices that came out more than a year ago, and available within a few days of the newest flagship launch. I don't expect our different types of hardware to match that, but it certainly should be much closer than it is.
  • Just got update 4.5.141 1 min ago. It's not ICS.
  • Yaaaaaay! My atrix is getting some love.
  • Whoooo hooooo!!! My ATRIX 4g is getting a make over
  • Glad they are doing it but the time table is still to long. By the end of 2Q at the latest all those 3Q phones should be done.
    I am glad they are doing it but still needs a hge improvement.
    I really hope Google starts using Motorola as a weapon in updating. They should push out the updates faster to make the other move faster. l
  • Yikes...Q3 is almost a year after my Bionic was released. I'm putting my money on Cyanogen Mod and their CM9 efforts. Either way, I'll have a Samsung replacement or maybe even a iPhone 5 by July. As usual, day late and dollar short Motorola/Verizon. Sorli...