Motorola Droid 2 goes full frontal -- but it'll have Motoblur?

Recently the Motorola Droid 2 was seen for the first time in Verizon's system, and today it has decided it was ready to pose for the camera. It looks like the glimpse of the keyboard we had a little while back was right on point. At this point not a lot is known about the device, but Droid Life says it was seen running Android 2.1, will have 8GB of internal memory as well as an 8GB storage card, a 3.7-inch screen, the aforementioned updated keyboard and a beefed up 750MHz processor, which makes it seem like a decent -- though not revolutionary -- upgrade from the original.

But before you can say "why mess with success," this puppy reportedly is running a newer version of MotoBlur. Maybe it's the updated version like the Flipout, or maybe it's something else, along the lines of the rumored (but neither confirmed nor detailed) Ninja Blur. Peep some blurry video of it booting up after the break. [via DroidLife]

Jared DiPane
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  • Well that will not be a flag shit device. More like a intermedite phone
  • Don't be so quick to judge. I own both a Milestone (Droid's GSM cousin) and a Nexus One and the 'stone has never felt slower even on default (550MHz) frequency. One I cranked it up to 1GHz it's w/o any doubt faster than the N1. And it can run stable up to 1.2GHz. Now if the new OMAP 3630 CPU is just as prone to overclocking as the 3430, we should be able to get it to 1.5GHz. Put that next to the already better GPU and you have a flagship ;) Plus the new keyboard looks awsome. It's centered, the keys stick out more... if it clicks just as good as it looks, it can only be a winner. I sure hope it'll have a GSM version again.
  • Apart from these, the release date and updated info about its cam is now available. Motorola Droid 2 Details
  • Unless MotoBlur is vastly improved, there's no way this will be a flagship device. Bar none.
  • i just read that moto will be releasing a 2ghz+ device by the end of the year, and basically every piece of technology available in the smartphone world
  • Hmm, this one is actually kind of...ugly.
  • This one? They both were. Well looks like it won't be getting a snappy processor after all, blah this will be one of the give away phones, like the 1st on now, because nobody really wants it. Well nobody but the "die hard" Droid fans....yuck.
  • How is it any uglier than the first Droid? It doesn't look that different to me. Ugly was my first reaction to the Droid, but seeing it in person gave me a much better opinion of it. Maybe the same will hold true here. Wish they were doing more on the processor end. Isn't this the same company that says they'll have 2GHz phones out this year? Yet they haven't even cracked 1GHz yet? I know clock speed isn't everything and that there are architectural differences between this and SnapDragon though, so hopefully this will match it. Still, seems like just a modest upgrade.
  • Indeed. The original Droid looks sleek and sexy. The top half of this device looks good too, but the keyboard? Sure, it's centered, but it looks like a Fisher-Price toy. It's bubbly with a matte finish. If they had just centered the original keyboard a bit, but kept the styling, I would be sold in a heartbeat. But now, I might get an original Droid. I'll wait and see. Oh, and everyone whining about CPUs? It's not always pure Ghz that make the difference. Multi-core CPUs are great examples, also considerations like dedicated GPUs for taking strain off the CPU and how well both parts are at threading and routing information need to be considered. Also, as a broad generalization, a higher powered CPU is going to suck more power, thus kill your battery faster. So at the moment, I'm going to embrace the CPU as described. I ain't counting this device dead yet, but it went from Sure Thing to Wait and See with one picture. That's never a good thing. 2c. Cheers,
  • Since when did smart phones have video cards and dual core cpus? You're comparing computer processors to cell processors, and in this game, until either separate video chips processors and dual core processors show up speed is everything. Same as computer where before Core2Duo's and 64 bit processors. This device will make an awesome lower end phone for someone on the cheap, because honestly I don't see this one coming to market for $199, in fact I bet it gets placed between the Eris and the Incredible. Shadow will end up being the "high end" etc. One striking thing about this phone is how much it reminds me of the PDA's I had in the early 90's.
  • The Droid already has a GPU. OK, it isn't a "video card", but it's there. There's a dual-core snapdragon out too, although I don't think anybody has put one in a phone yet, it's out there, too. As far as putting the shadow between the Eris and the Incredible, setting aside for the moment the fact that the Eris isn't there anymore, that's pretty much the exact niche currently occupied by the Droid. Frankly, with overclocking, you don't even have to go to 1Ghz to beat the Incredible, with an original droid. Get to about 800 Mhz, you you're close enough that component tolerances could account for the performance difference between the 3430 and the Snapdragon. Anybody want to guess that the big M is taking the same tack they took with Droid1, and actually UNDERclocking the CPU to run at 750? Even if the 2420 and the 3630 are exactly identical inside, you're right about the 800Mhz mark... and the full keyboard, though I don't use it tons is practically a must have for me. I still haven't seen why blur is so hated.
  • Oh well. I was hoping this would be an amazing Moto device I would upgrade to from my original Droid, but it looks pretty ho-hum. Guess I'll be looking into the Shadow/Xtreme when it hits since that 's supposed to have a 4.1inch screen, faster processor and (hopefully) vanilla Android. I just wish it had a keyboard like the Droid 1 and now 2.
  • Im a die hard droid fan, and i dont wnt this shit...where is the snapdragon???? not worth the money for me...
  • if you were 'diehard' you would know about the architectural differences between the snapdragon and the OMAP 3630 that make the latter the better processor. So it's not as fast, but the first droid can keep up with the N1 with half the processing speed, and when you overclock it to MATCH the speed, then wow, that thing is amazing. As the poster above me said, you could quite easily get past 1.5 GHz if it is as prone to OC'ing as the 3430. Not to mention the GPU.
  • After i got my Droid i could not wait to see what motorola would do with the second version. And unless some serious changes are made, Im HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED!!!! guess i will have to wait to see whats in store for these other phones that they will be coming out with!!! Seems like Moto has done this in the past one great phone followed by a bunch of crappy phones!!! :( Prove me wrong Moto!
  • Not sure why this would even be considered a upgrade from original Droid.. it also look like the weird bottom lip is also on the top slider.... even more ugly.. and I loved my original Droid... not sure why Verizon brings out second version of a phone and really barely upgrades anything just like the bb storm... retarded
  • this thing looks nothing like the earlier "leaked" images WTF. It does not resemble the droid Xtreme or shadow from what I can see
  • That's because this is the DROID 2...
  • And I no longer want this, I'll hold onto my Droid 1 until something better comes out. Hopefully HTC will bring out a Droid Incredible with a 4.3 inch screen soon. This is like when the Blackberry Storm 2 came out, minor improvements, nothing to write home about. Except the Droid is better than the Storm series of Blackberrys. I hope Droid Life is wrong about the specs on this one.
  • lame. Thanks motorola. seems like your going to be shit again just like after the 1st razr.
  • Ok I own the droid and I love it keyboard and all. One question I have though. My keyboard is like the one that is going to be on the droid 2. It is not flat the keys are rounded is that something that everyone else has or not?? As for the droid 2 the only thing I want to know is does it support LTE if so then I would be interested in it. if not then I will stick with my droid until another phone comes out that has it. This is not enough of an upgrade for me to ditch my droid... But I will keep my options open and wait for the finished product.
  • from what i noticed, the more you use the keyboard, it raises for some reason. i remember comparing mine with my cousins when i first got it, mine was flat, his was raised. i used the keyboard on regular basis, now mines also raised
  • I am just waiting for the Droid Xtreme !! Or Droid X , this is not the forum to find this stuff out , is far better , this forum is a bunch of whining cry babies :-) just kidding
  • Motorola to release 2Ghz phone by end of year: with word on this, and xtreme specs, looks like droid will end up being entry level
  • Motoblur? Are you kidding me? Thats like eating a great steak thats been dropped on the floor.
  • the keyboard looks alot nicer to use on that one, should be good for the Droid users
  • I was hoping they would give it a 4.1 or 4.3 screen... that would make space for maybe a dedicated number bar across the top... it's a upgrade but not an UPGRADE in my eyes... Also the trackpad that's on the incredible or newer blackberry's would be better than this dpad in my opinion... ahh well. I'll hold on to my droid 1 till something better comes along with a full keyboard.
  • No way is this phone gonna detach me from my DROID. From my point of view there is no point in switching. . well maybe the CPU but other than that it isn't worth it. I can give 2 sh!ts about moto blur and i'm already running android 2.1 and i have a 16 gig micro sd card which only has 9 gigs left. So far no other android phone other than the incredible has been as compelling to me as the DROID has been. But i'd never drop my droid for the incredible because it lacks the keyboard and that's a big fail in my book. Hell i didn't wanna jump for the verizon voyager because i thought the droid keyboard was gonna suck. Thank god you get to check out a phone before you buy it.
  • what? only 750mhz? guess i'll have to wait til end of the year to see anything good like that 1.5 or 2ghz processor.
  • HTC scorpion announced!!! hope true
  • No, it wasn't "announced." The name's just floating around again.
  • I don't think this is meant to be the latest and greatest, bleeding-edge, Android phone. I think it is probably meant to take over the slot that the original Droid will vacate at some point. It's got a few improvements and surely some kinks worked out, but it will likely be Droid 2.0. Just an update version.
  • I don't see MotoBlur being successful on any device. This would be a huge disappointment if, after the success of the original Droid, they throw MotoBlur onto the second gen Moto Droid. Half the reason most of the people I know got the Droid was because it ran stock Android. Can you turn MotoBlur off by chance? Similar to some SenseUI phones.
  • Motoblur means I won't buy it. Sorry Moto, I'd rather have plain janbe Droid.
  • Motorola is really blowing it with this moto blur crap, these new moto phones look great but I will not settle for anything other than stock android.