Motorola Building 350-Person Android Team?

Having not been able to capitalize on the success of the original RAZR (has it been 4 years already?), Motorla is obviously in need of some shaking up. With sales declining and fewer and fewer capable models left in the pipeline, it should come to no surprise that Motorola is betting on the Android (after all, they are a member of the Open Handset Alliance). What is a surprise is how big they are betting.

TechCrunch is reporting that they have 50 people already on the Android Team and are planning to expand the Android division to 350 people strong. Obviously, Motorola needs to plan for the future and with Android looking like the next biggest thing, it isn't surprising that Motorola is hinging their success with Android. Motorola is already heavily involved in the Windows Mobile Game, so making a phone for Android (with no licensing costs) is a no brainer.

After all, Motorola still makes pretty's just that shoddy software that has disinterested folks.

Casey Chan