MrMobile's Moto Z review: A smartphone like no other

With an aluminum frame barely 5mm thick and slap-on "mods" that give it crazy capabilities, the Moto Z is unlike any smartphone you can buy today. It's also the latest installment in one of the most inconsistent product families in mobile technology.

In 2013, Motorola introduced a small, modest mobile that tried to redefine what a smartphone should be, and it called it the "Moto X." The next two years would see the company gradually abandon most of the principles it laid down with that first phone, making the X bigger and brawnier to better battle the Galaxy-class competition from Samsung.

For 2016, Motorola (now a Lenovo sub-brand called simply "Moto") has taken its flagship smartphone so far afield of its origins that it isn't even an "X" anymore. The result is a smartphone that I like very much – one I'll probably buy when the unlocked edition arrives in the fall – but one I'm not sure I'd recommend to many people. Join me for the Moto Z Droid Edition review by MrMobile!

About this review

MrMobile's Moto Z Review was based on six days' trial of a Moto Z Droid Edition review device on loan from Motorola/Verizon Wireless. The Moto Z Droid Edition was not paired to a wearable for this review. Test areas included the North Fork of Long Island, New York; Amtrak's CT/NH/MA Northeast Corridor; and Greater Boston, Massachusetts.