More T-Mobile myTouch 3G Commercials

If you think we're only living in a Motorola DROID or Sprint HTC Hero world now, think again. T-Mobile wants to remind you about the T-Mobile myTouch 3G and continues to stress the personalization, available apps, and all around fun factor of the phone through familiar celebrity faces. These commercials are fun to watch if only for the famous faces goofing off with the still lovable myTouch 3G.

The spot above is titled 'Music' and features Wycleaf Jean, Avril Lavigne, and Brad Paisley. The soundtrack is a Wyclef Jean remix to the Cat Stevens song that's been heard in the previous T-Mobile myTouch 3G commercial. The commercial after the jump is entitled, 'Comics', and it features Chevy Chase, Molly Shannon, Dana Carvey, and Darrell Hammond comically (natch) interacting with the myTouch 3G.

What do you guys think?

Casey Chan