Casio G'zOne

We know very little about the Casio G'zOne -- it showed up briefly during CES 2011, but no real details came with.  An anonymous friend has sent us a few pictures and little bit more information about this rugged phone that should show up soon on the Verizon network.  According to our tipster, the GzOne will be run Froyo, have a 5 MP camera, be built to military specifications (including water resistance) and ship with an 8 GB micro SD card. Also the OS will have a button to sync all your social networks (Twitter and Facebook MySpace are specifically mentioned) and all the rest of the normal "Android Goodness".  Also on board is Casio G'zGear, a collection of tools for outdoor activities.

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Much like the Motorola Defy or the Motorola i1, this one should appeal to those of us who need a phone that can stand up to an abusive environment.  Folks like emergency personnel and our troops should soon have another choice for a rugged Android phone.  Hit the break for a few more pictures. Thanks anonymous!

Casio GzOne 1

Casio GzOne 2

Casio GzOne 3

Casio GzOne 4

Casio GzOne 5  Casio G'zOne 6

Casio GzOne 7  Casion GzOne 8

Casio GzOne 9  Casio GzOne 10

Casio GzOne 11  Casio GzOne 12

Casio GzOne 13