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More pictures of Casio C771 G'zOne leaked

We know very little about the Casio G'zOne -- it showed up briefly during CES 2011, but no real details came with.  An anonymous friend has sent us a few pictures and little bit more information about this rugged phone that should show up soon on the Verizon network.  According to our tipster, the GzOne will be run Froyo, have a 5 MP camera, be built to military specifications (including water resistance) and ship with an 8 GB micro SD card. Also the OS will have a button to sync all your social networks (Twitter and Facebook MySpace are specifically mentioned) and all the rest of the normal "Android Goodness".  Also on board is Casio G'zGear, a collection of tools for outdoor activities.

Much like the Motorola Defy or the Motorola i1, this one should appeal to those of us who need a phone that can stand up to an abusive environment.  Folks like emergency personnel and our troops should soon have another choice for a rugged Android phone.  Hit the break for a few more pictures. Thanks anonymous!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Not a bad idea! I'm guessing this has the PTT that Verizon offers? As a Paramedic I can see something like this definitely being utilized in the field if it had PTT capabilities. We currently use nextels as walkie/talkie alternatives but having something like this would revolutionize field communications...especially if they could push emergency call information/GPS location of call to the crews.
  • Gah!
  • 3.7 screen 800mhz processor RAM unknown.
  • I finally found a smartphone for my phone-dropping dad!
  • Its a good looking phone , but for some reason "Military speciation" & "Facebook" in the same sentence doesn't look\sound right to me
  • LOL, social media sites are allowed on DOD computers now.
  • This phone looks awesome...
    I wish a screen shot of the keyboard was posted, I'm worried that the keyboard will be rather small
  • I've had hands on with this a couple times last week for a few minutes. It's a very solid phone, and it's surprisingly quick. It was wet because it was sitting in a bowl of water for half an hour before I grabbed and the touch screen responded very well. This is hands down the best option for any Android lover who wants a phone that can take a whole lot of abuse. The one thing I personally didn't like was the bulkiness around the phone, the screen takes up so little compared to phones like the Galaxy S line of phones, Tbolt, DX, etc. Of course, you drop one of those in the toilet and you're screwed; you'd be fine with this Casio. One cool feature was any buttons on the side wake up the screen. This of course is an excellent feature because users will possibly be holding it in a hand with gloves on or, aren't simply able to locate one tiny specific button. They are recessed a bit as well, so aren't likely to be pressed by anything in your pocket or while in a belt holster. I was told the name of it, but can't recall it to save my life. It was something reminiscent of Monster or Beast...
  • I'm holding out for the G'zTwo.
  • This phone is awesome if you use it as emergency personnel or construction or what have you. Looking at it, if it was slimmed down, given a slightly larger screen (TFT LCD isn't so bad, is it?), and given a gingerbread cookie...this could be a sexy-arse 'regular' consumer phone.
  • Just curious how to pronounce the name.... Jiz-one? :-)
  • The UI looks extremely ugly.. They should of put stock on that
  • I sent a link about this phone like a month ago lol.
  • is it just me or are do the exposed screws ruin it?
  • I had one of the original G'zOne flip phones by Casio. And judging the similarities to its predecessors, it's definitely not your sports car comparison of a smartphone. Don't expect this to sleek and smooth like the high end phones out there. It's not meant for the average user. Obviously, for those in the construction, military, emergency services, and of nature loving variety, it'll certainly be the workmans' phone that you know can take a beating.
  • i just want to know why they are still putting myspace on phones. isnt myspace compared to beating a dead horse?
  • Any updateson this ? Rumors of release April 7th, but that came and went.