More people are buying the Galaxy S8+ than the smaller Galaxy S8

Samsung is coming out ahead of its first-week sales numbers, opting to highlight lofty pre-order support for its new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ smartphones.

The U.S. branch of the company has released a statement saying that early pre-order numbers are "outpacing" the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, "with strong double digit growth," which corroborates earlier news that South Korean pre-orders were also ahead of their predecessors.

Samsung also says that "the majority of consumers have been selecting the Galaxy S8+," and that most people are opting for the Midnight Black color over the fetching but not-quite-as-universal Orchid Gray.

Which color Galaxy S8 should you buy?

Though we know that larger phones are becoming more commonplace in North America and have become the fastest-growing segment of the smartphone market in recent years, it's interesting to see more people opting for the Galaxy S8+ over the Galaxy S8, given that the smaller phone still has a sizeable 5.8-inch display. It could be that the early adopters tend to be the ones who gravitate towards the "better" phone, which in this case has that larger 6.2-inch display and 3,500mAh battery, but it could also indicate a more significant change in consumers' buying habits.

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Daniel Bader

Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • S8+! I ordered 2 and one S8! Next week needs to hurry up!
  • That's it? Bush league.....
  • Ugh.......poor people!
  • After seeing them both in person at a Verizon store, I would definitely go with the plus model. They aren't that different in size really. Unless you have really tiny hands, the plus will work just fine. It's barely any wider than my S7 Edge and is usable all the way to the edge since it's curve is more subtle.
    As for color. The Orchid is definitely my first choice. Silver is just too gaudy and black is like every other phone. The Orchid gray is one of those that changes in the light to other colors. You really need to see it to appreciate it.
  • With only a half inch difference in height, and a quarter inch difference in width, they are basically the same size. No one would tell the difference.
  • If that's the case then why pay $100 more for the +?
  • Bigger battery
  • And I believe this is the #1 reason people are getting the larger version. Battery life is so important.
  • After seeing them in person this afternoon I changed my pre-order from the S8 to the S8 Plus. It's a slightly larger screen and slightly larger battery but when they're side by side that "slight" advantage for the Plus is clear. I'd have wished I'd just spent the $100 until the next upgrade if I hadn't done it today.
  • Just got the GS8 case today. After finally choosing a Samsung device I guess I'm still in the minority, in a manner of speaking. Not really though. I've been with LG since the Optimus G.
  • I wasn't going to pay an extra $100 for a slightly larger battery and a slightly larger screen.
  • Really should have looked at the G6 a little harder. I pre ordered mine and it is a great phone. It lasts all day with moderate use and looks good to boot. Basically, it's an all around great phone.
  • Ordered the S8 in silver. S8+ seems to big to fit in pocket.
  • This!! I used to research about battery life, screen size, etc.. but nowdays its about how it fits in the pocket. I'm currently looking for the Moto Z but the phone is so thin I'm afraid it will bend at some point.
  • Just saw them both in person. I currently have an s5 with a Spigen hybrid case and struggle to get it out of front pants pocket esp. when wearing jeans or when sitting. Plus is just too big for pockets. Just my 2 cents.
  • Thanks. I'll check it out when it launches in my country. They always set a table with the devices to check them out. I'll try to do a pocket test and compare it to my LG G4 (with a case). Hopefully it has a "considerable" cost since taxes, shipping and carrier earnings.
  • Well, I'm not in the majority. I bought the S8 regular size and got the irregular orchid gray color. I'm happy with it, though I had a quick second guessing on the size.
  • I'm hoping that Google won't join in the club and will make the Pixel 2 no larger than the original Pixel (just shrink the bezels).
  • I'm incline to think they are going to have something. I know OEM typically don't do spec changes unless OS has new updates. Why would both LG and Samsung went that route and Google give guidelines to developer for apps for them to not have something in there? That's my 2 cents. I'm sure they are going to follow suit in some kind of fashion.
  • Agreed. That bezel is hideous and absolutely unnecessary. I prefer flat screens and liked the Pixel but that bezel destroyed it for me.
  • Have you held these yet? They are no bigger than the S7, especially in width. Compared to me Nexus 6, the S8+ feels tiny.
  • They aren't bigger in width... But they are much taller and you can not use them with onr hand as a result of that. So yeah, they are bigger than the S7.
  • You can one hand them just fine. Have you held one yet? I do not have large hands at all, but I can one hand my Nexus 6 without much issue. One handing the SGS8+ was easy in comparison. It feels tiny compared to the N6. I am not sure about the edges of the SGS6+ though. Are they plastic? That and the small screen were my issues with it. Don't be scared by the 6.2" screen. The tall ratio makes it much smaller than you think. I am not getting one. The 6.2" screen is too small. Never thought I would say that!
  • Yes I've used both the S8 and S8+ for a fair while. And I have large hands. You can not use any of them with just one hand. Not if you hold the phone normally as most people do with the bottom resting atop your pinky. Your thumb can not reach the top third of the screen. So pulling down the notification tray or actioning the quick toggles or reach any UI element that sits there is impossible. Obviously on the S8+ even more. The phones are all metal and glass. No plastic. I'm not getting either. The size alone kills them. I absolutely hate phablets. So I simply refuse to buy them.
    I don't want any phone taller than 14cm tops. And even then I'd prefer a phone the size of an Xperia Compact but with more screen and less bezels.
    Which is why I'm staying with the S7 instead of keeping the S8 (the S8 has other problems to me though. Starting with the fingerprint scanner placement).
  • You are holding it wrong.
  • Lol no, I'm not. I'm holding it as phones are supposed to be held. I'm not changing how I hold phones (and vastly increasing the chances of dropping it) just because OEMs are lazy and don't want to spend money to miniaturise components lol
  • They are skinny. You can hold them in the middle just fine without dropping them. You are holding them wrong.
  • No, I'm not. Phones aren't held in the middle, they never were. I'm not holding the phone wrong, OEMs are designing phones unusable in one hand.
  • Yes, Phones are held by the middle. I remember my first phone. it was a brick and i held it in the MIDDLE not with my pinkie on the bottom. Handset's are held in the middle. just because you do not wish to hold yours like others doesn't mean they can't. I have never dropped my phones (i carry 20 except when pulling them out of my pocket. I don't use my pinkie to hold it.
  • Thanks for report. I haven't used the S8, but I suspected like you said the new aspect ratio would only make the top of the screen more difficult to reach. This decision officially takes Samsung out of the one-handed phone game. If Google matches Samsung's aspect ratio and display dimensions, I'm gonna lose my ****.
  • The regular S8 is easy to use one handed. No issue at all. AC confirmed that in their review. The S8+ is a bit harder, but I think it still is fine for the times when you need to one hand it. They are so skinny, it isn't hard to get your hands around them.
  • I was using it one hand just fine. And as for the fingerprint scanner I had no problem finding it and using it. Just because you're incapaable doesn't mean others aren't
  • No, you're not. If you hold the phone normally your thumb will NOT reach the top end of the screen. And that's not even debatable. It's physics. So unless you're King Kong, you're lying ;)
  • Pinky swear
  • I went with the S8.
  • I hate news like this because companies just assume that everyone wants bigger phones. The s8 is perfect for me and companies should all focus on smaller phones with the same specs
  • But the smaller one does have the same specs. Just a slight battery difference. Only apple punishes it's customers for buying​ the smaller less expensive device.
  • Sounds like they were reporting facts.
  • Market demand would disagree apparently.
  • This applies only to the US. Reports from the rest of the world contradict this.
  • Ordered S8+ midnight black. Coming from HP Elite x3 that I returned (and interim LG V20 that I have currently in use) so the S8+ will be perfect.
  • I really liked the way the s8+ felt in my hand. bit slimmer and talker and gripped better than my s7 edge.
  • I got the S8 in black. I would have gotten the plus but really didn't want to pay the down payment that T-Mobile has for jump on demand.
  • Same here. It kind of defeats the whole 'change phones as often as you want at no extra cost' point of Jump on Demand if I have to make a $130 down payment.
  • Agree.. The fee is too high.
  • The thing that bothers me is that I've never had to pay a fee before. Didn't have to pay one on the V10, iPhone 6s plus, S7e, Note 7, V20, or iPhone 7 plus. So why now? The S8 plus costs as much as some of them.
  • That fee is not high. Hell if you Jump 2x times a year that's only $260. I spend around $2k on phones a year so with resale my oop is at least $1200 a year. How is $260 a year too much? Is there a monthly fee with JOD? If so does that fee by year come out to less than the cost of a new FlagShip phone? If so how is it too much?
  • $130 is only the Deposit & then $30 per month after & you never own the phone unless you pay off at the end of 18 months. Doesn't seem like you figured all of that in to your argument.
  • Out of pocket per device over the course of a year is still less through JOD than for those who don't have the option but also want to be getting the newest phones as they come out. Selling in the second hand market doesn't net as much so they end up paying more. T-Mobile's JOD program just can't be beat really.
  • Also opted for $0 out of pocket vs. $130 plus tax. Didn't want to feel like an idiot when I trade it in for the Note8 on August.
  • Agreed. I end up ordering the s8 for my son and s8 plus for myself. However I do feel like TMobile is robbing is customers with down payment $130 bucks that you will never see again when you trade it back in. I felt the same way when I otpted for the 64 GB iPhone 6. Payed $100 extra only to lose my money when I excercised my jump on demand
  • Correct me if I'm wrong but surely it works the same as it does in the UK; where an upfront payment just helps keeps the monthly cost down? It comes down to whether you would save that value in the time between upgrades?
  • You would lose at least as much if not more if you chose to jump on your own by selling the S8+ when you move on to the Note 8 or whatever other device. Yet this way you avoid all the hassle of having to sell your phone to get the next new device.
  • I did the same thing. That $130 is not even counting the taxes which can take it up to $210. Why do we pay monthly for jump if it cost this much to actually jump.
  • You must have a different Jump. No tax is collected at the time of upgrade on Jump on Demand, at least in Texas. May be different in other states. Oh, and no monthly fee on JoD.
  • Not sure why it would surprise anyone that the Plus size model would out sell the smaller one.
  • It surprises me...
  • Me too since the smaller one is even bigger that the Edge.
  • Obvious statement is obvious..
  • S8+ in Black here, AT&T.
  • Orchid Gray GS8 for me, Black GS8 for my spouse. He almost went gray.
  • At least this way, you can't mix up your phones :P From the back of it anyway.
  • Like lemmings over a cliff... thanks Capt. Obvious! ;)
  • Nice to see the return of the Galaxy Mega in the form of the S8+, but unless it's Project Fi ready, it's a no go for me. Definitely Orchid Gray, although I'd put a Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit TPU case on it.
  • It isn't anywhere near that size. I don't think people understand these screens. The S8+ screen has less area than a normal 5.7" phone. It is just kinda tall. The 6.2" screen feels kinda small compared to my Nexus 6.
  • I'm waiting on a different color choice, seems like they always release different colors later . . Not that these are bad, but I wish the black was more matte less shiny, or ideally for my taste that it was a deep dark 'almost black' blue like they had on the note 5 I believe. Not a big deal but I'll just wait and see (not that any of you care, right? ;-)
  • I agree with flat black but dbrand has a nice flat/matte black skin
  • I ordered the S8. I don't want to pay extra for the S8+ now, when I'm hoping to get the Note 8 when it comes out.
  • I think people are going for the bigger one because of the battery. 3000mah with a 5.8 inch screen scares me especially with Samsung software draining everything.
  • Note 5 as a 5.7 screen and a 3000mah battery
  • Just ordered the S8+ for my self and the S8 for my mother...
  • S8. I have a note4 now and can't stand the size of it. It's just way too bulky & heavy in pockets. I got my s8 case today and the case is smaller than my bare note4. I hope they continue making a smaller size. I never want something as big as the note again.
  • Note 5 feels incredibly smaller than the note 4 and the note 7 felt smaller than the note 5. Samsung with those wrap around screens are definitely retaining the size of the screen while reducing the physical size of the phone.
  • I'm still rockn my naked Note 4. To me the S8+ felt a lot better in hand
  • I have a note4 and compared the s8 and the s8+, the plus surprisingly felt better in the hand than both the Note4 and the S8. S8 plus is not as big a you think and is more comfortable in the hand. You really should go to the store and hold one in your hand vs relying on the size of a case.
  • Dammit android central one of your ads just raped my browser with a box that I couldn't close out. I guess it was supposed to be a video and I don't have ad blocker installed cause I know you need the money.
  • I don't know y but ur comment made me laugh a little
  • If they went with the double underlined link ads I think a lot more people would support it. Instead they use the resource destroying ad networks, and wonder why people use blockers.
  • Fingerprint sensor reach tests on the S8+ will be the new "Drop test" of 2017. We'll see hundreds of YouTube videos of people with different sized hands hyper-extending their index fingers just to touch the sensor in the S8+
  • Give it up. Iris scanner, face scanner, smart lock all add up to using the fingerprint scanner less and less.
  • You'll have to take those shades off every time you want to unlock your phone. The face recog and smart lock are super unsecure.
  • Yes, I plan on using face recognition to break into S8 phones. I happen to carry around pictures of everyone's face just for that.
  • Don't be naive.... Coworkers, students, etc. All somebody needs is to know your name and find you on social media.
  • From my short time with them in stores the S8+ has the better feel in terms of size to me. I just find the S8 a little too narrow for my liking.
  • I never was a case guy until Samsung started making their phones out of glass, that being said I do feel that a case with these wrap around screens is essentially to the feel and usage of the phone. Less edge screen accidents while using a case
  • I use a metal bumper for corner protection and a clean skinomi on the front and back of my phone. Skin protects from scratches on the front and back of the phone while the metal protects the areas that need it the most.
  • Why? The S8+ has I bigger battery
  • Yea I heard the youtube talking heads saying "don't get the S8+..blah blah blah"...pffft
    If it's the same size as my Iphone7 plus why the hell not, I say. S8+ today my new Note later this year.
  • I went with the normal size as well, just going to bump up to the note 8 or whatever it'll be called when it's​ released.
  • The narrowness of the 5.8" S8 makes the phone almost seem all smaller than my S5's 5.1" screen. The S8+ really stands out, as it should.
  • If I get one of the S8s, it'll be the + because of the bigger battery.
  • I thought you definitely weren't getting it.
  • Personally, Samsung increased the size of the phone in the worst possible place....the height. Putting this in a jeans pocket is now going to be basically impossible. Interacting with anything in the upper portions of the screen is going to be impossible on handed. Once work offers the S8 next year as an approved device, I'll have them buy a regular S8. But it's going to be huge.
  • It isn't huge at all. Have you held one? They are both quite small.
  • Correct.
    I'd honestly wait for the S9. Samsung is bound to fix the S8 in the S9 like they fixed the S6 with the S7.
    And hopefully they'll also see how amazingly stupid are the sizes and at least the regular S9 comes down to a 5.3"-5.5" in a phone no taller than the S7.
  • think about what your saying, Samsung is setting preorder records with the s8 and s8plus now why in the world would they make next year model smaller?
  • For the cost of a midrange laptop, I'd go ahead and shoot for the larger model phone as well. I use my 5.9" Mate 9 as a tablet replacement. I'd buy bigger if Huawei or Honor offered it. Moto too. I trust those brands and like their takes on the UI.
  • I hope they take this realization and apply it to the next Note...just a tad wider would be nice for what the Note is known for.
  • S8, black ordered. I found the plus feels too tall for me. I generally prefer the 5" or so form factor and I felt the regular S8 felt best in hand (to me). I really really like my GS6 so when looking at new phones I wanted one that was closest in size to it, the S8 seems to be that phone.
  • I'm not so surprised: I had to go to 3 shops before I could find an S8 on display, the first 2 only had S8+. And even that third one had the S8+ much more prominently displayed than the S8. If you only show people one model they are more likely to pre-order that one. And would I be cynical to note that the model they were pushing was the more expensive one?
  • Not sure where you live but in Raleigh every place I've been has both.
  • Once you switch to a larger than 5.1" screen, you probably won't go back to anything smaller.
    I bought a Dell Streak 5, in 2010, when the typical smartphone was 3.5". The looks I got were unbelievable.
    "What would you need such a large screen for?". Ummm because I want one?
    Then I got the Note1, then the Mate2, and now the Mate8. I seriously doubt I would go back to anything smaller
    than a 6" screen phone, unless the folding screen phones take off. Then I would go for a 4", closed, 8" open phone.
  • I got gs8 midnight black on preorder I think the gs8+ screen is too big
  • After my HTC m8 I wanted to downsize, but the only small flagship was the z5 compact. While I love the size, and it has the beat fingerprint reader location, the OS is horrendously slow after the htc, and the camera lens is now scratched to hell. So I'm going for the smaller S8 because I just want a phone without foibles which still fits in my pocket. I know it's unoriginal to go for black, especially coming from a yellow phone, but the way the S8 screen disappears into the frame is pretty spectacular!
  • I'd probably do the same. I've become so accustomed to big phones that anything smaller just doesn't cut it for me.
  • I went with the S8+ because it's about the same height as my 6P. I don't want anything smaller than that.
  • Good. Then there shouldn't be any shortages when I order my S8 at the end of the week. =))
  • Pre-ordered my S8Plus Orchid Gray March 30th. Three cases are in the house now along with my 256gb sdxc Samsung sdcard. Awaiting my order on the fast wireless charger from Samsung April 20th that is dope as well. I'm definitely ready for delivery. Can't wait.
  • S8+ ordered in Orchid gray Verizon which is just something different and actually like the color a lot. S8+ feels just right coming from Note 5. Hurry up already and ship it!
  • Big is back. The bigger the screen the better.
  • Just like the s7 edge is more popular than s7 before.
  • I initially gravitated towards the S8, but coming from an LG V10, it feels really weird holding the S8 since it's a bit smaller. So I went with the S8+
  • Good, good! Hopefully this will cue Samsung to make a gigantic Note 8!!!
  • Yes, like the bigger screen
  • Pre-ordered the Galaxy S8 plus
  • Samsung is slick. They make both S8's with a narrower edge screen and less surface area than a Standard S7 but then make them taller and give one a + sign (6.2") for more money.. Samsung rakes in the $$$$ for less display surface area. LOL I only hope Samsung's new Note 8 is a true 6" flat screen at 16:9 ratio and a 3600 to 4000 mAh battery. My Note 4 is still going strong.
  • You might want to educate yourself. The S8 has the surface area of a 16:9 5.5" display. That is bigger than the S7, which has a 5.1" display.
  • Yes, so it would seem however, if you factor out the curved edge of the screen which is useless when reading books or PDF's, etc., you end up with a narrower phone screen which imho is not as useful as a flat screen S7.. Therefore, it would seem that the increase in price is caused buy the need to manufacture a curved screen that may add beauty in some peoples opinion but really does not add much usefulness to the phone. That does not make the S series bad or good it is just an observation. I'm Samsung will sell millions of the phones. I just hope they give us an option of a 6" flat screen 16:9 display on the Note 8. According to the specs I have seen (see below)
    Device Screen area
    Galaxy S7 11.1sq in.
    Galaxy S8 13.2sq in.
    Galaxy S7 edge 12.9sq in.
    Galaxy S8+ 15.1sq in.
    Galaxy Note7 13.9sq in.
  • I'm guessing you have not seen the S8 in the flesh. The curve is very subtle...nothing like the S7E. I was mad about no flat version. That is, until I saw how subtle the curve is. It is absolutely usable for all tasks.
  • So the galaxy s8+ I Pre-ordered is
    1.2 Sq. Inches bigger than my note 7 sounds good to me... I'm happy with that
    As far as the battery is concerned
    I would love to see a battery test on the S8 plus with the
    qhd+ resolution Wich is what most people I know would use... All the tests I've seen are with the phone on 1080p
  • I'm going to leave mine at 1080. I don't need more than that. As soon as Nougat hit my S7, I immediately set it to 1080. I cannot tell the difference. I prefer getting better battery life.
  • My Note 2 is still going strong. I've not upgraded because I'm waiting for a phone with a much bigger screen. The aspect ratio of the S8 and S8+ does not appeal.
  • Agree, laid my S6 on top of both of these, mine is so much wider, neither is that much taller, sorry, tiny phone, tiny battery, 70 percent of these will be in the trash when the note comes out, let's face it, we all want small tvs in our hand, neither of these cut the mustard
  • Why not just manufacture the S8+?
  • Waiting for the note 8.
  • Its probably for the battery life.
  • This ^^^^^^^
  • You can't use either with one hand anyway so I'm not surprised some people are going for the larger dinner tray. However reports from other parts of the world say exactly the opposite, that people prefer the "smaller" S8. As for it selling better than the S7... Yeah, as if after the Note 7 disaster they'd come out and say sales were bellow expectations or not as good as those of the S7...
  • You can easily use the SGS8+ one handed. It is a bit tall but still shorter than a Nexus 6. The SGS8 is tiny. You will have no issue using it one handed.
  • You can't use either with one hand. As we've already discussed above. This is just physics. Humans can't use these phones. Unless you're either Mr. Fantastic or King Kong ;P
  • I'm buying neither, sticking with my Moto G5. Took a long time and a lot of money to realise that i don't use my phone for anything more than calls, text, email and a wee bit of gaming. To justify another £800 on a phone just gets harder. As much as i love these new phones i cant justify it and instead of going to Thailand this year i am going to Tokyo with the money i am not spending on a phone. And remember, the Monarch has his hands in many sinister soups.
  • Instead of buying a phone you're going to Thailand? The phone is like $30 a month.
  • Guessing a lote of note fans were pleased with the size and realized they didn't use the stylus much, so they pulled the trigger.
  • This is very much my case.
  • I want the + over the reg but I can't justify giving T-Mobile $130 to use one of my "jumps". I feel like I would be throwing away money because what I really want is the Note8. So I guess I'll be getting the regular S8 because I'm not in the business of giving away money.
  • Isn't the down payment applied towards the overall cost of the phone, & therefore not throwing your money away?
  • Yes it is, but that's like 4 months worth of payments. So add the $130 + the monthly payments from April till August or September and he'll have paid a bit over $300 for the S8+ by the time he JUMPS to the Note 8.
  • I pre-ordered the S8 as soon as they went live.
    This afternoon my wife and I went into a TMobile store to look at them in person and I decided to switch to an S8 Plus. The rep I spoke with said I'd called just in time because they're starting to charge cards now and will begin shipping tonight or tomorrow.
  • Anyone think the Note series are coming out this year?
  • Yes, it's coming out Q3 or Q4 this year.. Last couple of Note releases were in the August/September time frame. And while I just pre-ordered the S8 Plus, I'll be grabbing the Note 8 as well.. and looking forward to seeing what new tech comes with it!
  • I ordered the S8 Plus (Sprint) this past week.. Looking forward to getting it in my hands. :) My last Samsung product, was the Note 5 and the S6 Edge, skipped the Galaxy 7 series. One week to go!
  • i ordered the S8+ as well on announcement day, that screen size is just lovely for me and my needs, the camera is excellent, even crisper and faster then my S7 Edge, i went to my local phone store and they had live demos of both s8 and the plus and they really look stunning in person an feel much better then anything else out there including the LG G6 (in my opinion) the edges are more for aesthetics rather then anything else but they arnt as obvious as the S7edge and therefore you dont lose as much screen as previous curved displays, overall a cracking phone...for me at least :-)
  • I'm going from a Pixel XL to an S8. I get .3" more screen while still being smaller in all dimensions. As far as battery life, I have wireless charging at home, at work, and in my car, so I'm not too worried about running out of charge in my day to day usage.
  • S8+ bigger is better always ,just ask my girlfriend
  • Very tacky.
  • With the idiotic location of the fingerprint scanner, I will be trying the S8 amd not the plus.
  • It's because people think the bigger one is the "better" one. It has exactly the same specs. I'll go for the S8. Don't need a tablet in my pocket.
  • Might have same processing specs but that thing called the battery in the S8+ is much bigger. 3000 compared to 3600. That's a big difference.
  • and has to power a larger screen and moar pixels ;)
  • same number of pixels just more real estate, and the small difference in extra screen space will not eat up the extra 5-600mAh battery difference
  • Dont be deceived by the vertical dimensions! it is not as big as the numbers make it sound
  • I thought the same thing. I looked at them at Best Buy and to my surprise, the 6.2 inch screen on the S8+ is actually the same width as my phone's 5.5 inch screen. The screen is just taller, and the overall phone is about the same dimensions. That said, I was actually a little bit disappointed that the 6.2 inch screen didn't feel very big. Felt a little cramped in width. A 5.7 inch 16:9 screen feels more spacious to me because of the extra width.
  • S8+ is a downgrade to the Mate 9 in terms of audio quality and screen size, and probably battery life.
    The mate9 lasts long, has a wide and beautiful screen, great speakers great camera(low light on S7 is better), faster than any galaxy, i dare even say S8, and pretty much futureproof(IP68 would make it much better), so no i'm not temped by S8+, i hate the fact it's taller but not wider, it has less space for content.
  • So you're not going to buy it?
  • Butthurt?
  • After carrying the behemoth LG V20 for the last 5 months....I went with the S8. Would have been fine with the plus but the S8 is a breeze to use with one hand. Really liking it. That said, it won't stop me from getting the massive Note 8 (or a larger surface phone) when/if they come out. :)
  • Go big or go home. I've been wanting something bigger than 5.5" since 2012 with less bezel.
  • That's unfortunate. It's already hard to find devices at an acceptable size around 5" and the trend is making it harder for me to find one that is comfortable for me to carry around. When are jeans going to add in an extra pocket meant to carry a cellphone in a nice spot instead of cramming it in my with my keys or back pocket sitting issues, heh. That little slot on the front for a lighter/whatever has been there forever and doesn't get any use from me. Help us out clothing industry. At least the cargo pants made carrying around a phone nice and easy.