MLB At Bat 2013

The official MLB At Bat 2013 app has been updated in time for spring training with a new payment structure and several interface improvements. First up is the new payment methods, which in every case will save users money. The app is now free for download, with a $20 flat rate in-app purchase to get live gameday audio and premium features -- from Spring training all the way through the World Series. Previously, it was a paid download and then also a separate purchase for the premium features. If you're a premium subscriber, you can simply log in and receive all of the premium content and features as part of your package.

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Having a basic log-in and one-time purchase method also means that you only pay once to get the content on all of your devices, which is a big plus to the model. On the interface side, the UI for phones is improved in several places, mainly in the individual team and news pages. There's a lot to get excited about with the MLB At Bat app this year, so if you're a baseball fan head to the Play Store link at the top of this post and grab a download.