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Migrating to your Evo 3D

We know that many of you are going to be lined up bright and early come June 24, with one thing on your mind -- the EVO 3D.  Can't say we blame you, it certainly looks to be one of this years best.  We also know a lot of you guys will be retiring your EVO 4G to pick this bad boy up, and there will be questions about migrating all your "stuff" from EVO to EVO.  That's where we come in. 

There's a couple ways to go about transferring most everything over, some built in and some third party.  The good news is, all of them are pretty easy.  Hit the break and we'll sort them out.

Contacts, Calendar, and Mail

Google does this for you, maybe because they love us, or maybe they built a time machine and retro-copied iOS5 a few years ago.  Since you have decided to use an Android phone, you should be using Google's cloud to sync these.  We say it all the time, and we mean it -- nothing's easier.  If you're not using the fluffy cloud now, you can still migrate everything over to it while you wait for the 24th. 

OK, OK.  Some of you just don't want to use the cloud.  That's fine, you can still transfer everything over using HTC Sync and Windows Mail or Outlook.  And with Sense 3.0 comes the Transfer app -- you can use Bluetooth to transfer your contacts and calendar events from your OG EVO 4G to the EVO 3D.

We still recommend using Google, just because it's so easy.  But choice trumps all.

Text Messages

I'll bet you were expecting a recommendation about a great third party app here, but you're not getting it.  You have Sense 3.0, and have no need for one.  Use the same Transfer app mentioned above to copy all your text messages from your old phone to your new phone.  Everything should be so easy.


Paid apps are no problem, they stay attached to your Google account.  You can always find these by opening the Market app, pressing menu, then My Apps.  The only requirement is that you're signed into the same Google account.

Free apps are another story.  But no worries -- there are easy ways to get them on your new device.  Firstly, this is built into Android.  Dig through the settings, find the privacy settings, and make sure "Back up my data" is selected.  Hopefully, when you sign into the Market on your EVO 3D, it will start re-installing your apps, as well as the application data you saved to the cloud.  But to be honest, this is sort of hit-or-miss here.  Maybe because we use so many different Android phones, or maybe it's just one of those "forever beta" projects.  I wouldn't count on it working the way you want it to.

Edit: Commenter mrsimps tells us how to find this setting below.  We're not sure why this line item was removed from the Evo settings, but here's how to rectify things.

Besides relying on the cloud, install an app like App List Backup from the Android Market.  This backs up a list of the Android Market apps on your current phone, drops that list on the SD card, and allows you to re-download them from the My Apps tab in the Android Market once you have that data on your new phone's SD card.  There are quite a few apps like this, and most of them work well and are free.

Note that unless you're rooted, you can't back up the application's data files for an easy restore.  That's where we have to hope Google's cloud backup kicks in and does it's thing.


My advice is to not backup and restore settings from two different devices.  It's an invite to issues, and not good ones.  But if you insist, it can be done pretty easily.  Google's "Back up my data" feature above does it when it works right, and you can also download backup apps from the Market.  If i were to recommend one, it would be MyBackup Pro.  I've used it, it works just like it says it will, and is well worth the $5.00 if you have to back up and restore your settings.

SD card data

Two easy choices here.  You can pull the SD card from your old phone and drop it into your new phone, or you can copy all the data from one to the other.  Just mount your old phone as a storage device (or eject the card and use a card reader), copy everything to a folder on your desktop, mount the new card and copy from that folder to the card.  You won't need to format anything, the SD card is good to go right out of the box.

Be careful not to delete anything from your new SD card without looking at it though.  Many phones store things like PC drivers, bundled movies or app data, and it's likely that a new copy of HTC Sync will be on the EVO 3D's card.  Unless you know what you're doing, leave all that stuff alone.

Rooted users

Don't think that you're off the hook here and can just use Titanium Backup.  If you get your EVO 3D on or close to launch day, it's probably not going to be rooted, so you can't restore anything.  It's still a good idea to take a full backup, and when the EVO 3D is rooted you can restore your app data. 

Of course there are other ways to do all of this as well.  I'm simply telling you about the ways I have used and can vouch for.  Migration from your old phone to the EVO 3D is pretty easy, and let's admit it -- we'll all enjoy playing with the phone while we're doing it.  I also want to thank Danny for asking about this and giving the inspiration to write it up!

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Migrating from the EVO 4G to the EVO 3D -- a simple guide


The privacy was never on the Evo. Im a sprint tech and im looking at our 2.2 floor modle right now and there is no privacy tab in settings.

Does anyone know if they require the SD card to be in the Evo4g for a trade in? Or could you replace it with a different one say a cheap 2g card?

Has Google fixed the issue with pictures being blurry when synced to the cloud? When I have pictures assigned to my contacts and Google contact sync is not checked my caller id pictures are nice and clear if I then sync my contacts to Google all my contact pictures become blurry on the caller id. This is main reason why I don't sync contacts to cloud

I am going to be a new cock on the Tyson farm.

Can I migrate my contacts and calendar from Touch Pro 2 to the 3D?

best way I can think of is to sync your TP2 to outlook, then export your contacts into a file on outlook, then upload that file to Gmail contacts via Gmail's feature that lets you import contacts from outlook files. Don't ask me how. Its been a while since I messed with that stuff, but I know its possible. Once they're in your gmail account. You are good. When you get your Android phone, just sign in with your gmail account info, and your contacts and gmail calendar info is downloaded to your device automatically.

I also am switching from a Pre to the EVO 3D. I doubt there is away to transfer app info; however, if you don't already use Google stuff on the Pre, you should start transferring now (e.g. email, contacts, Reader, calendar, etc.) I've been using Google stuff from the start, so, I should be set; however, I would still like to hear any suggestions as well - maybe a guide from AndroidCentral on the switch from precentral to here. ;)

Sorry Sprint/Evo, I'm jumping ship to T-Mo for the Sensation. I'll still stop in a store & check out what I'm Missing. Maybe an Evo 4g to Sensation tutorial is needed. ;)

That's ASHAME...The Sensation is great our closest cousin great device. But tmobile and at&t as one.....NO THANK YOU.....BAD MOVE CARRIER WISE....YOU WILL BE BACK

Uhh, yeah. Jerry, the "backup my data" option doesn't exist on Evo with gingerbread. Perhaps its just my phone but I think others are having the issue too. I think if I did upgrade this would be an awesome option.

I never upgraded to Gingerbread and it doesn't exist in Froyo on the Evo either... or it is hiding in some impossible to find place.

The link to Sense 3.0 goes to a review of the HTC Sensation. I don't understand the relevance to this article. Was I supposed to receive Sense 3.0 with the Gingerbread update?

because the Sensation has Sense 3.0 and thus the review will give you a taste of it. comprende?

No, but you will with the Evo 3D.

The tool you use for transferring will be on the 3D, all you have to do is turn on the old evo, turn on Bluetooth, and follow direction on the 3D.

it is the ultimate..it washes my dishes and picks up my kids. After work it listens to my wife. this is the greatest device ever

It kind of bugs me how much of an evo following there is. Simply because alot of people think its the ultimate

I know. Why do people follow a phone like the Evo? It's so evil. No one is entitled to be a fan of it.

LOL someones jelly...
What other phone can:
1) print money
2) Build me an island, transform into a private jet and then fly me to that island.

The EVO was the first 4G phone on a US carrier. It also was the first to bring together all of the best bells and whistles of the Android platform. It could go toe-to-toe with the iPhone (any flavor) and win in a showdown. It offered a large display (something that was fairly rare at the time).

The EVO also marked a turning point for Sprint as a carrier. It was so good that it kept some people from leaving and brought others onto the Android platform.

Even now, the EVO is still a contender in the competitive smartphone landscape. Sure it pales in comparison to duel-core speed demon phones, but since it was one of the first Android devices to offer a truly compelling alternative to the iPhone, it gets a lot of praise (and deservingly so).

It may not be the ultimate now, but at one time it certainly was. That's why it has such a following.

yeah, the Evo changed the game completely and still continue to sell like hotcakes. The name "Evo" als o just sounds cool and cool to say. It just rolls off the tongue. BTW, whoever thought up that name probably got a nice promotion, if not a hefty raise.

But anyway, The Evo was the flagship of Android phones in 2010 and no doubt contributed significantly to to Android's astronomical rise to power last year. It was a true beast phone and we loved it. Lets just hope the Evo 3D is welcomed just as graciously.

I wonder why you just read an article about 2 phones you apparently don't own, and then question people's loyalty to what is clearly a superior product to almost every phone on the market. Now my cat is homeless. Are you happy now? Anyway I am going to head over and start talking crap about iphones on their page since I have never owned one.

Why would it bug you? Certain phones just arrive at just the right time, or on just the right carrier, and they tend to catch on with users AND devs... The EVO was one of those phones, it is far from the fastest phone out there right now but overall, feature-wise, it still holds up pretty darn well with anything but the newest dual-core phones.

It was also one of the first 1GHz Snapdragon super-phones, the Nexus One had already been out for months when the EVO launched but other than that not much else was making waves. I think the Incredible beat the EVO to market tho, another really solid phone.

The EVO was pretty unique all in all... First 4G phone in the US, one of the first Android phones w/HDMI out, one of the first (if not the first?) with a front facing camera, etc. Even now, some of the newest phones don't have ALL those features (Droid X2 lacks a FFC for instance). There's a reason the EVO brand caught on.

Personally, I wasn't planning on upgrading soon, and the EVO 3D isn't really a big jump in functionality... But it's actually the little improvements that are tempting me to get it anyway. I like the lockscreen shortcuts (tho I've seen they got ported to the EVO 4G already), the faster/better camera, the extra app space, etc.

I like "Backup to Gmail" because it backs up all texts (MMS and SMS) and call log to folders on my gmail automatically, without any input from me. It can't restore MMS messages to the phone. That is the only draw back. I restore my MMS messages from a backup I create with Handcent.

Separate post, separate question:

Does anybody know if Amazon Apps will carry over to new devices as long as you sign in?

Im very curious, I got a lotta free apps on my Evo 4G and it would suck to not be able to use them on the Evo 3D.

I was reading some fine print at Amazon yesterday. Says you may have up to 8 devices registered to one account, good for both the app store and cloud player.

Yeah really, AppBrain's app list backup/sync feature may seem a bit backwards when you first use it, but once you realize that whenever you flash a new ROM or get a new phone the old list is simply renamed but still available onlinw, then it's a breeze.

You can just import the whole thing into the newly created list and re-install/download everything (or pick and choose), seems to work a lot more reliably than Google's own Market backup feature which is pretty hit or miss.

If you're not rooted, or even if you are but you feel it's cleaner to re-download the apps, give Appbrain a shot, it's very seamless once you understand how it works. You can even keep a few individual app lists, like say, a list for stuff you've tried and liked but have no use for right now, or a tablet vs phone list, etc.

Google Cloud? Can someone help me out. Maybe I am misunderstanding. There is a built in Google app that backs up text messages? If so, please direct me, because I use a third-party app.

No need for an app, google contacts, docs, music, voice, etc. will backup all this stuff, lets remember this is Sprint if you can use google voice for your VM and text they are already saved to your google account, wont the texts just come over to your new phone through google voice?

Dig through the settings, find the privacy settings, and make sure "Back up my data" is selected.

I have an HTC EVO 4G, and recently updated to 2.3.3 Gingerbread, and I have no option in the settings for "Privacy Settings"

Not sure where the setting is but all I know is whenever I do a wipe and have to re enter my google account there is a box to check that says something about letting google backup apps and data and automatically restore. I always check the box and when the phone boots it starts downloading (most sometimes all of) my apps. It works well but not perfect.

That was just sloppy, lazy writing. If someone on the forums half-arsed it that lazily, they'd get flamed, so it's inexcusable for an editor in an article allegedly meant to help readers.

Here's what a helpful article would look like: "To choose which apps are searchable, go Menu>Settings>Search>Searchable items and make your selections."

Hard hard would that have been for this mythical Privacy setting have been?

Menu>settings>Privacy>back up my settings.

This was removed from the Evo? It's on two other Sense phones here on my desk.

Edit: and 9 other phones without Sense.

I too cannot find this setting... How can you post an article to help backup and restore you info if you dont even know what settings the phone actually has!!!!!!??????!?!?!?!

To find the back up feature, from the home screen, tap menu, tap settings,then scroll down to and tap search. From there, under the label "phone", you'll see "searchable items, " tap that and then scroll down to settings. Select the check box next to settings . Then, go back to your home screen, tap the capacitive search key (the magnifying glass) and in the search box that appears, type "privacy. " Tap privacy and then check "back up my settings" on the next screen. And you're done.

Sorry, this doesn't work on my Evo. When I turn on "settings" under search, then search for "privacy", all I get are Google web matches.

Or, better yet, Just get into settings and hit the search button (mag glass) in there and it ONLY searches in the settings. Type "privacy" in that box and it comes right up.

Or, better yet, Just get into settings and hit the search button (mag glass)while in the setting menu and it ONLY searches in the settings. Type "privacy" in that box and it comes right up.

Once I set the searchable items to settings, I was getting a web search on "Privacy". Once I search on "privacy" I got the settings and set the flag to backup my data.

Awesome - thanks! (forgot to mention though, after typing "privacy" you have to change from "Google" search to "Settings" search)...just in case, someone else gets confused.

Thanks MrSimps

Every blog feels the need to post articles about the Evo 3D to make the time go by faster. :P

Need constant reminders that it's right around the corner!

I wanna hibernate and wake up in 2 weeks....

Reminds me of the Southpark episode where Cartman froze himself to make the Wii release come quicker but ended up being frozen for a LOT LONGER hahahaha