Microsoft's Your Phone app now lets you control your smartphone's songs and audio

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Your Phone Companion Android (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Controlling your smartphone's audio with the Your Phone app on Windows 10 is now generally available.
  • The feature works with Android devices running Android 7.0 and PCs running the Windows 10 October 2018 Update or later.
  • You can switch between multiple sources of audio in the Windows 10 app's dropdown player.

Microsoft's Your Phone app for Windows 10 can now control media, including songs and other audio files, on your smartphone. The feature initially rolled out in preview in April but is now generally available. Microsoft announced the general availability of the feature alongside Windows 10 Insider preview build 19645.

With the feature, you can control most audio or music apps that support media controls in Android's notification center. You can switch between multiple sources using the dropdown menu and see the track currently being played in the Your Phone app. You can play and pause music in the app and also skip tracks.

When Microsoft first announced the feature, it explained that it's available on Windows 10 devices running the Windows 10 October 2018 or later, though Microsoft recommends updating to the latest version of Windows 10. Microsoft also specified that you need an Android phone running Android 7.0 or later to use the feature. Notably, it is not limited to Samsung phones like some other Your Phone features.

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Merging phones and PCs

Your Phone allows you to sync text messages, photos, and notifications from your phone to your Windows 10 PC. Now, you can also use it to control your smartphone's audio.

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