Microsoft To-Do picks up 'Planned' smart list on Android

Microsoft To Do on Android
Microsoft To Do on Android (Image credit: Android Central)

Microsoft To-Do has been gradually rolling out its new "Planned" smart list feature across platforms, and Android is the latest on deck. The feature offers a quick overview of your tasks for the upcoming week, and it's rolling out now with the latest update to To-Do for Android (via OnMSFT).

The "Planned" list sits alongside your "My Day" and "Important" tabs within the To-Do menu. Tapping into it will show you what tasks you have coming up for the next five days, along with some that are even further out.

This update also introduces multiple widget support, along with improvements to the dark theme. Here's a look at the full release notes:

  • The Planned smart list is now available on Android! Just open Planned for an overview of your scheduled tasks for today, tomorrow, the next 5 days and beyond.
  • Dark theme is now more consistent across the app with support in search results and the widget!
  • We've also added multiple widget support.

To check out all of what's new, you can grab the latest update to Microsoft To-Do for Android on Google Play now.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster
  • To my understanding "added multiple widget support" would mean, more than 1 widget. There is still only 1 just adjusts to white or dark background.
  • Pretty sure that it means that you can add more than one To-Do list as a widget at a time. So you can have a widget for your shopping list, and one for your project tasks.
  • I must say I've used this app for a couple of days and love it a lot. The planned section separates it from all other to do apps IMO
  • Maybe some year they'll integrate it into Launcher in place of that basic to do list and Wunderlist integration.
  • Does it speak Google Assistant?