Echo Lockscreen

Microsoft has confirmed the company has bought Double Labs, a startup based in Palo Alto, California that created the popular Android app Echo Notification Lockscreen. Microsoft has already released a similar app for Android, Next Lock Screen.

Business Insider spoke with Microsoft's Chief Experience Officer Julie Larson-Green about the purchase. She stated that it was part of the company's plan to help develop new products that help people increase their productivity.

A lot of what Microsoft comes up with via the Next and Echo lockscreens will make it back to Windows 10, Office, and any other Microsoft product that sends out notifications.

But by handling it as a separate app first, Larson-Green says, it means that they won't accidentally ship a half-baked or just user-unfriendly feature to the millions of Windows users out there.

The specific financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Source: Business Insider