Micromax has announced that it is partnering with Visa and TranServ over a digital payments service that will be rolling out shortly to its customers. The handset vendor will make TranServ's mobile wallet app Udio available on its handsets.

Unlike app-based payment services like Paytm, Micromax says that the feature will be integrated into its Around ecosystem:

Paytm and the others are app-based payment systems. Our wallet will be native and integrated in the mobile phone. There will be no app, just one sign-on to use all the services… On this digital journey, you should be allowed to do whatever you want.

We are looking to provide an all pervasive payments layer to our services ecosystem enabling digitalization of the lifestyles of our consumers. With Visa, that has run similar innovation partnerships in other markets, we are excited to be one of the few partners to offer a unique experience to enable the Indian mobile payment ecosystem.

Digital payments is clearly an important part of our digital experience and services strategy and our partnership with Visa & TranServ further reinforces our commitment to make commerce easier through tight integration with popular services enabling lifestyle of our consumers.

With waning sales of its handset business, Micromax is looking to differentiate itself when it comes to services. The vendor launched its Around ecosystem — through which it collates local food, delivery, and taxi services — late last year, and is now looking to make the service available on all of its handsets. By partnering with Visa and TranServ, Micromax will be able to seamlessly integrate digital payments into its service, allowing you to use your credit or debit card directly with the vendor's mobile wallet.