Math is never a problem with Calculator for Android Wear

Math is a part of all of our lives every day, in a hundred different inconspicuous ways. Usually you can get along with doing math in your head, or pulling out your phone. If you miss the days where your wrist held a calculator as well as told the time, Calculator for Android Wear has your back. A fully functional calculator, equipped even to take care of basic scientific equations.

Android Wear is adding apps daily, and while this one has been around for a while already, it's handy to have for sure. Calculator for Android Wear is simple and well designed for what it's used for. In fact it's one of the few typing apps for your wrist we recommend. The main screen has exactly what you'd expect. It probably just looks like a small version of the calculator on your phone, or computer.

Calculator for Android Wear screenshot

If you swipe left you'll get access to a second screen. This one is where all the scientific functions you might need like trigonometric functions, logarithmic functions, exponential functions and the square root function can be found. While you might not need these functions everyday, having them easily accessible makes it a win for when they are required.

There are two themes available for your calculator as well. You can access them by swiping left a second time. You then have the choice between the flat or classic theme. There isn't a huge difference there, but the option is open for those who want to take advantage of it.

Calculator for Android Wear style options

You also have two options for how you use this calculator. There is the tried and true way of just typing out your equation and hitting enter. The calculator is actually surprisingly good at not hitting the wrong number, despite the size of the screen you're tapping on. This app also employs voice commands, so you can hit the microphone button and then speak your equation. It may take a moment to process, but it works well.

Math can be pesky at times — especially when you're trying to figure out a tip after a few too many beers. Calculator for Android wear gets the job done without having to pull our your phone, which is cool. It's also available for the low, low price of free, so there's no reason to not give it a try.

Jen Karner

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