Marvel Future Fight is the mobile superhero game you've been waiting for

Avengers: Age of Ultron opens tomorrow in the US. It has been three long years since we've seen Marvel's squad of superheroes team up against a common foe, and fans are hyped! What better way get even more hyped before the film (or keep the hype going after it ends) than a game featuring not only all of the Avengers, but also loads more Marvel characters all teaming up to save the world?

Today Netmarble released just such a game on mobile: Marvel Future Fight. The game lets players collect and build up a team of good and bad guys from the Marvel movies and comics and then put them to work stopping an interdimensional threat. Most excitingly, Marvel Future Fight actually looks and plays really well – it's practically a successor to the Marvel Ultimate Alliance series.

Marvel Future Fight

Heroes and villains team up against a common threat

Marvel Future Fight features a story penned by Peter David, co-creator of Spider-Man 2099 and a prolific comics author. The narrative comes to life between levels through pictures of characters talking to each other – not the most exciting way to tell a story. And yet, the writing is actually quite clever! David nails the banter and humor we expect our heroes to rely on when the chips are down, and even jokes about the robotic villain Ultron's origin having been changed in the latest Avengers movie.

The premise revolves around a mysterious apocalypse that has all but destroyed the future world. To save humankind from disaster, a dying Nick Fury sends the female robot Jocasta back in time to warn the Avengers. She must help them – and the player – build a team of heroes and villains strong enough to stop the dimension-hopping villains and save the world!

Marvel Future Fight

Heroes on a mission

Players start out with a team of three popular Avengers: Iron Man, Captain America (my fave), and Black Widow. You'll take these heroes (and eventually others) out on a sprawling main campaign consisting of nine chapters, each with multiple missions to play through. Being a free to play game, it costs energy to go on these missions – you know the drill.

Marvel Future Fight

Once in battle, you have the choice of two control schemes: 1-Touch or Pad. The 1-Touch style lets you tap anywhere on screen to move there, and tap enemies to attack them. Pad adds a virtual stick on the left and an attack button on the right. Both styles have on-screen buttons for each character's special moves, like Captain America's shield throw and Hawkeye's arrow barrage. I prefer the Pad style.

Running through short levels and pounding on bad guys proves quite fun. You can switch between your trio of heroes at any time. Each mission culminates in a boss, the first of which is (naturally) Ultron. You'll want to call in Striker (helper) characters to help deal with these stronger foes.

Marvel Future Fight

Collect them all

At launch, Marvel Future Fight has over 30 characters to collect, including the standard movie Avengers, Spider-Man and some of his friends and enemies, Thor's foes Loki and Malekith, and many more. You can unlock a character by finding a sufficient number of "Biometrics" for that character. These can be won from completing missions or by spending premium currency on Dimensions Chests, which award random prizes.

Marvel Future Fight has many of the trappings of the free to play format, such as the annoying energy mechanic. And eventually the missions start to get pretty hard, which will necessitate either some grinding or the purchase of premium currency.

Still, the game looks great, with faithful renditions of movie costumes for the characters who appear in films and comic costumes for those who haven't. The familiar action-RPG gameplay and strong writing help make Future Fight a fight worth having for Marvel fans.

Paul Acevedo
  • Is there a Deadpool character? Waiting for a good game I can kick*ss as Deadpool.
  • I don't read the comics so I don't really understand the fascination with deadpool. What's so great about him/it? Looks similar to the mask villain [forgot the name] that was shown in Arrow. Are they related? Posted via the Android Central App
  • This is why;
  • They should make a Deadpool game with a mature rating (or whatever Android calls it). Price it at 3.99 and call it a day.
  • They should make Deadpool kills Marvel Universe into a movie. Or Deadpool Kills Deadpool with Ryan Reynolds, 2 birds one stone, since the deadpool from orgins is different from the new deadpool
  • And you do realize that Moon Knight kills Deadpool at the end of that story arc in a side story. Of course they didn't put this little detail in the Deadpool comic to sell more issues of other superheroes that were a part of this story. Basically Deadpool tracks down Moon Knight to kill him, but Moon Knight some how managed to turn Deadpool into nothing more than an ironically dead pool of blood. However due to Deadpool's popularity he was rushed to a hospital where doctors had to STITCH HIM back together since his healing factor wasn't working right after the battle with Moon Knight. YOU DON'T MESS WITH MOON KNIGHT! Moon Knight even took on Galactus and the Silver Surfer both at the same time alone and won. He even killed Ultron by himself.
  • I prefer Squirrel Girl. ;)
  • Deadpool is a Marvel character, and Arrow uses DC characters. They're not related. People like Deadpool cuz he's a sarcastic a-hole so he's alot funnier than most comic characters.
  • @Meerca - You're probably referring to Deathstroke. Deadpool was very "influenced," shall we say by that character when he was first introduced. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Doesn't Conquest of Champions have a playable Deadpool?
  • Not sure. I haven't tried that one yet.
  • It's "Contest of Champions" and yes, it does have Deadpool. :-)
  • No X-Men or mutants right now, from what I can tell. The Guardians of the Galaxy are teased but not available yet either.
  • Deadpool!!!!
  • Saw it was free. Moved on Posted via the Android Central App
  • Obvious sponsored post is obvious. Posted via the Android Central App
  • No, it is not a sponsored post.
  • So this is pretty much Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 exclusive for mobile? Count me in!
  • I was excited right up to
    1. free to play and
    2. multi player missions (if they don't have a single player option)> I'll pay for the dam game just let me and I don't have time to multi play I steal a few minutes to play when I can.
  • It's not multiplayer.
  • are you sure quote from the article below
    "main campaign consisting of nine chapters, each with multiple missions to play through"
  • Multiple, not multiplayer! Like Mission 1 has 8 submissions. The game does have some kind of social features, but AFAIK it's just that the striker characters you can use come from random players.
  • thanks Mate, can you fix the fremium model art for me as well?
    oh and if I bothered to read it that was very clear.
  • I like Peter David's writing, but the "free-to-play" aspect is a big turn-off.
  • Amazing game!!
  • It's actually quite fun. You can get through quite a few levels with the bonus time currency they give you, so it's not all too bad. The only drawback is you may lose time if you try to build up a weaker character; I have Ghost Rider sitting on the bench because I let him get in one level and he died almost immediately.
  • How do you collect Biometrics for the Hulk buster suit? I got the first 4 and can't figure it out?
  • This game is epic, can't stop playing the thing. <a href=""></a>