Avoid work from home fatigue by reading new books with this 30-day Kindle Unlimited trial

Kindle Unlimited Read
Kindle Unlimited Read (Image credit: Amazon)

Hey, we get it. Self-isolation can be boring. You're doing your part to help slow the spread of the Coronavirus as you work from home, but you also kind of want to go out. How many times can you chase your Roomba around the room? Well, solve the boredom problem and do something productive with a 30-day free trial to Kindle Unlimited. This service from Amazon gives you access to millions of books you can read, and you can read them all for free for at least the first month. After that, it will automatically renew for $9.99 a month, but you can cancel that at any time with no penalty. The free trial is available to new members only, and hopefully 30 days can outlast this quarantine.

Since Kindle Unlimited works with the Kindle app, you can essentially read all the books covered by your subscription from anywhere. Get the Kindle app on your computer, your tablet, or your smartphone. Put it on your kids' smartphones so they can catch up on their favorite books. There are so many options available, including modern books like The Hunger Games series, graphic novels, and even cookbooks. Might as well experiment with your Instant Pot while you're home.

You can keep up to ten titles at a time, and when you feel like swapping them out, the process is seamless. Not sure what books you might want to read? Browse the Kindle Unlimited store and find something new. Read a thriller from Dean Koontz or see what's new in Romance. Binge the Harry Potter series or listen to your favorite audiobooks. Even the more basic new Kindle devices have Bluetooth now so they can pair with headphones for private listening.

John Levite
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