Look, we all know that you have a really bitchin' black/blue Magic: The Gathering deck tucked somewhere in the closet from high school, so it's okay if you're a little excited that the famous trading card game is finding its way to Android devices later this year. We got some time to play it at PAX East 2013, and it proved to be as reliable a game as its predecessor.

Magic 2014 will have a lot of the same elements that iOS and PC gamers have been enjoying in Duels of the Planeswalkers for a little while now. An interesting shift with this edition is that many of the cards in Magic 2014 are going to be hitting the digital landscape before the world of print (as it should). We'll also see ten new decks, fifteen one-shot encounters, and ten new puzzle challenges. The Magic guys were also being coy about another game mode that they weren't showing off just yet. 

For those unfamiliar, Magic: The Gathering has opposing players destroy one another with summoned monsters, ancient artifacts, and good old-fashioned fireballs by tapping mystical resources across several planes (with cards, not for real (though for real would also be cool)). In Magic 2014 for Android, players can buy new decks through in-app purchases or unlock them through regular gameplay alongside new cards for their existing decks. There's a story-rich campaign mode included in Magic 2014, as well as online multiplayer.

Duels of the Planeswalkers still doesn't provide absolute deck customization, opting instead for tweaks to pre-built decks in order to keep things simple for new players. I'd rather a more freestyle option for those of us that like to get our hands dirty. 

Keep an eye out for Magic 2014: Duels of the Planeswalkers, in Google Play this summer. Hit up Magic's site for more info.