Love wins when you use these Pride-themed wallpapers

June is Pride month, one of unity and hope and celebration and love, and in trying times like these, I can think of nothing we need more. No matter who you love — or who you don't love, for the asexuals and aromantics out here — we can all unite in love, and we can let that love and unity protect us all. We all want the same thing: to be safe, to be accepted, to be happy. So let's be happy and let our colors fly.

Freedom is ours

Some parts of the Pride community are more visible than others, but they are all beautiful and they are all worthy of admiration and acceptance. That's why this series from FannimalToTheBone brings me joy and pride for showcasing some of the sexualities that are often overlooked: Pansexuality (attraction to people of any gender), Aromantic (little to no romantic attraction), and Asexuality (little to no sexual attraction). These wallpapers are bold, vibrant, and incorporate each sexualities' colors in beautiful, fluid ways.

Pansexuality by FannimalToTheBone

Show your rainbow

The Pride Flag is beautiful and beautifully diverse, and this patchwork Pride Flag wallpaper reminds us that within each color, within each aspect, within each person lies a myriad of beauty, symmetry, and divinity. This patchwork wallpaper also feels communal, as each square speaks to a different style and sensibility.

LGBT+ Pride Flag from Lilyas

A prism of colors coming together.

Technically Pride Month is June, but who are we to argue with a wallpaper this bright and hopeful? Let's have a whole Pride Summer! This design may seem familiar to Apple fans, but it's brighter, bolder, and it gives me hope that tomorrow could be just as bright.

Rainbow July by Dynamicz34

Colors blur, people blur; we are all one.

This seemingly simple wallpaper works well on busy desktops or simple home screens, once again blurring the lines and showing a gentle, shifting rainbow.

Pride by DangerouslyComposed

We will rise. We will bloom.

The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all. And while the LGBTQIA community is a community that has almost always faced adversity, that adversity brings it together and makes it stronger. And I have no doubts that this community will indeed continue to bloom and grow in love and inclusion.

Let Me Be Your Rainbow by Anyzamarah

The curtain may rise, or the curtain may fall, but we will never let it silence us.

No matter who you are, no matter who you love and who you surround yourself with, there is a place for us all in this society and there is a place for us all in the light. No matter how dark it seems at times, the light of love will prevail, and at the end of a dark storm, all we can hope for is that we see a rainbow shining in the sky.

Silky Rainbow Curtain by This-Lovely-Horse

Ara Wagoner

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