Loopt on it's way to Android

Those with some iPhone experience may know what Loopt is, that lovable little app that enables you to spy and stalk your friends. Loopt is a social networking application coming to Android. It shows you where your friends are located graphically on a map (upper left). Just tap the photo of your friend and you will see where that friend is located. The photo on the right displays another feature of Loopt. Similar to other social networking apps, you can see where your friends are located, how far they are from you, and what they are doing (if they want you to know).

Of course, apps that take advantage of GPS features to broadcast the locations of people raise some privacy issues, but then again, you can choose to use an app like Loopt or not. If it's just about the people you know and care about, then an app like Loopt can be handy to keep in touch. You will know when a friend is close by around the lunch hour, for example. Keep an eye on the Android Market for Loopt - it should be coming soon.

[Android Community]

Brian Hart#AC