Looking Closer at HTC's Touch Sensors

After seeing some potential issues with the Nexus One multitouch, Android and Me has taken some time to visit the topic a bit more in depth. It appears as though the Nexus One touchscreen is not really "broken" like first reported, but more so limited by the hardware. The screen used in the Nexus One, the ClearPad 2000, is indeed designed to handle multitouch functionality, and in many cases like Google Maps, or the gallery, these features work rather well.

The issue appears to become most transparent when third party developers use more complex motions in their games, and the device can simply not keep up. While unfortunately it doesn't seem like there is an immediate fix for this, besides developers "dumbing" down their games to not include these extreme multitouch needs, we can all hope that HTC will upgrade their choice to the ClearPad 3000. Check out the performance of this screen after the jump. [via Android and Me]

Jared DiPane
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