Lollipop is now on 32.6 percent of Android devices, Marshmallow up to 0.7 percent

Google has released its latest update to the distribution numbers for each version of Android. In the latest round, Lollipop continues to gain ground, while the latest version, Marshmallow, inched up ever-so-slightly. Lollipop now sits at 32.6 percent, compared to 29.5 percent in December, while Marshmallow has risen to 0.7 percent from 0.5 percent.

Android distribution

KitKat remains the version of Android with the single largest install base, to the tune of 36.1 percent, though this is down from December, where it sat at 36.6 percent. Jelly Bean also fell from 26.9 percent to 24.7 percent. Ice Cream Sandwich is down to 2.7 percent, while Gingerbread has fallen to 3 percent. Finally, Froyo, Android 2.2, is now only installed on .2 percent of all Android devices.

Source: Google