Link Bubble

Link Bubble is an awesome app that helps you surf the web better. In a nutshell, it can preload links from other applications so you aren't waiting for things to load in the foreground. We went over it all here, be sure to have a look if you're not familiar.

Today's update makes a great app even better.

To start with, you now have a 24 hour trial period where you can test the Pro features of the app. We love seeing developers give us a chance to try something before we pay, even when the app itself is just a few dollars. For our friends who aren't native English speakers, this gets followed-up with new translations for Czech, Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, German, Italian, Russian and Thai — with more in the works. Add in the always-welcome stability improvements and you've the makings of a great update. Have a look at the full change log.

  • Add a 24 hour trial of Link Bubble Pro's features for all non-Pro users.
  • Translation support for Czech, Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, German, Italian, Russian and Thai. More languages to follow.
  • Add option to change the User Agent.
  • Add "Close bubble" option to overflow menu.
  • Add "Stop" option to overflow menu.
  • If the "Vibrate on touch" system setting is disabled, the app will not trigger any vibrations.
  • Add a Close button on the upgrade/inform popup.
  • Many stability fixes.

If you're a current user of Link Bubble, grab your update. If you've yet to try it, give it a spin. Either way, you'll find it at the Google Play link at the top of the post.