Google Play Music version 7.4 boasts a ton of helpful updates that will surely please those of you who utilize the service daily.

The size of the actual Play Music store app has been reduced by ten percent, though at 18MB, it's still a hefty app. Google also added a Recents option to the main menu of the Play Music app, so you can easily jump to your last jam session with a few taps rather than having to dig into the app for your preferred track.

In an APK teardown, Android Police found evidence for potential Clock access. Remember the CD alarm clocks of the early aughts? Play Music integration with the Clock app would be along the same lines. You could program the Clock app to wake you up to a song of your choice. Unfortunately, this feature doesn't appear to be live yet.

The Google Play Music update is rolling out to a device near you — hopefully soon to the smartphone that's in your hand.