A lighter version of Google Play Music is now available for Android

Google Play Music version 7.4 boasts a ton of helpful updates that will surely please those of you who utilize the service daily.

The size of the actual Play Music store app has been reduced by ten percent, though at 18MB, it's still a hefty app. Google also added a Recents option to the main menu of the Play Music app, so you can easily jump to your last jam session with a few taps rather than having to dig into the app for your preferred track.

In an APK teardown, Android Police found evidence for potential Clock access. Remember the CD alarm clocks of the early aughts? Play Music integration with the Clock app would be along the same lines. You could program the Clock app to wake you up to a song of your choice. Unfortunately, this feature doesn't appear to be live yet.

The Google Play Music update is rolling out to a device near you — hopefully soon to the smartphone that's in your hand.

Florence Ion

Florence Ion was formerly an editor and columnist at Android Central. She writes about Android-powered devices of all types and explores their usefulness in her everyday life. You can follow her on Twitter or watch her Tuesday nights on All About Android.

  • Sweet! Can't wait to wake up to some Rick Astley.
  • I hope this Alarm clock feature makes its way to Timely as well. That's the best Alarm Clock app out there.
  • This. They haven't updated Timely for about a year.
  • +1
  • An alarm clock is a big deal?
  • To avoid installing another application on your phone just to play music to wake up to... Yes I think it's a pretty big feature. That should have been included from the start , however better late than never.
  • As someone who has used Tasker to wake up to Google Play Music for the last four years, YOU BET YOUR ASS.
  • Finally
  • It's a darker version I'm waiting for.
  • Same here. Since movie and TV app got the black theme I was hoping it was going to be universal
  • Me, too, fuzzy... Me too.
  • No comment ;)
  • Hey how the hell about adding an actual check box or slider for gapless playback or crossfade absolutely can't stand google play music because of this feature that's in almost every streaming music app
  • I'm waiting for the version that doesn't automatically start playing what I was last playing when I start my car.
  • That's a setting in your car's menus, not in the phone.
  • along the same lines, is it in the car's settings too to start the track you were last listening to over when getting back into the car? if so, that would explain why i couldn't find that setting in the gpm settings
  • I learned this the hard way: DO NOT USE CHOP SUEY AS YOUR ALARM TONE!! I had to catch my ghost and shove it back into my body when I tried it.
  • OMG I know what you're saying😅
  • Lol, that's hilarious! Wake up! *something something* Put on a little makeup! You wanted to!
  • It seemed like a Play Music Lite app was available for Android now by reading the title lol.
  • Thought the same thing here lol.. Could've used different wording.
  • That's what I thought too lol. Badly worded headline.
  • Playing music for an alarm is built into the HTC clock app, and is available in the App Store.
  • But Play Music's files are encrypted so other apps can't use them. Hence why I've had to use Tasker to wake up to Google Play Music for the last four years.
  • The alarm clock would be very useful , as would dark theme..
    But calling it hefty at 18mb really..
    How you gonna describe AC app at over 100mb .. ?!.
  • I thought the same thing. 18 mb is paltry the days
  • AC app is not over 100MB. I think she meant the installer/apk size for Play Music is 18MB now, which isn't hefty really.
  • Well I don't know about people here, but this update has really gone **** up for some of us. On my device the scrobbler keeps appearing on the notifications shade even when the app is not in use, swiping songs left or right won't work in landscape mode, and a great many songs just refuse to play. When reading the feedback in the play store, it's filled with people having the same problems :-{