LG is all set to unveil two interesting audio products at CES. The first is the LG Tone Studio, which is a neckband with built-in speakers that blasts music up at your ears. The Tone Studio has four speakers — two at the top and two vibrating speakers at the bottom — that provide a "personal surround sound experience when watching a movie, playing a video game or simply streaming music."

LG Tone Studio

LG says that it collaborated with DTS to bring a "realistic theater-like sound for a cinematic experience wherever you may be." The idea is intriguing, but it's hard to imagine anyone putting up with a neckband solely for streaming audio particularly when there are so many decent portable Bluetooth speakers around.

Speaking of Bluetooth audio devices, LG is also set to introduce a floating Bluetooth speaker next week. It's called the Levitating Portable Speaker, and it hovers over a round base. The base contains the electromagnets required to levitate the speaker, which offers 360-degree sound and a 10-hour battery life.

LG floating speaker

As soon as the battery starts to run low, the speaker descends to the base station to charge wirelessly. The base also has a subwoofer for deep bass, and the speaker is certified IPX7 for water resistance.

LG will showcase the products — along with other additions in the Tone series — next week at CES, so stay tuned for more.