iFixit tears down the LG Watch Urbane

The latest teardown from the iFixit team is the LG Watch Urbane, which they found relatively easy to repair, so long as you don't need to mess with the adhesives. Getting new gadgets is always exciting, but often times we only get to admire them from the outside. With these teardowns we get a moment to take a look at the inside, what makes the device work the way it does, and see how manufacturers are able to methodically put so many components in such a tight space.

Inside the device they find all the goodies one would expect. The 410mAh battery sits right between the motherboard and P-OLED display, along with glue and adhesive to hold the digitizer and front glass together. For a full look at the insides of the LG Watch Urbane, hit the link below.

Source: iFixit