LG V30 is getting a stunning Raspberry Rose color

The V30 is definitely one of LG's best-looking phones in quite some time, and this is made possible thanks to its aluminum frame, glass back, and super slim bezels. LG launched the V30 in a handful of colors, including Aurora Black, Cloud Silver, Moroccan Blue, and Lavender Violet. All of these look quite nice, but just in time for CES 2018, LG has announced its latest color – Raspberry Rose.

Raspberry Rose is a fancy way of saying 'pink', but the hue that LG is going with here is a pink that's actually quite deep. LG describes it as being an "intense saturated version of red", and as much as I love the look of the Moroccan Blue variant, this just might be my new favorite.

LG will be showing off the new color to attendees at CES this month, and shortly after this it'll be launched first in LG's home market of Korea.

Europe and Asia will be next in line for the Raspberry Rose V30's release, but at this time, there aren't any plans to bring it to the United States or Canada.

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Joe Maring

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.