The V30 is one of LG's best and most refined smartphones in a number of years, and as you'd probably expect, you can pick the handset up through a number of different carriers. LG also announced the V30+ alongside the regular V30, and after first debuting on Sprint and then U.S. Cellular, the slightly upgraded variant is now making its way to T-Mobile.

In case you forgot, the main difference for the V30+ is that it comes equipped with 128GB of internal storage as opposed to the regular V30's 64GB. Both phones can be expanded up to 2TB with a microSD card, but for customers that want to have as much storage space as possible out of the box, the V30+ is the handset for you. Additionally, T-Mobile's version of the V30+ comes bundled with a free pair of LG QuadPlay headphones.

T-Mobile will start selling the V30+ on November 17, and just like the V30, it features a 600MHz band to connect to gigabit speeds when they're made available.

You'll need to hand over $130 down and then $30/month for 24 months for the V30+, making it $50 more expensive than the regular V30.

LG V30 + V30S ThinQ


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