LG V10 camera quick share

Sometimes, simple features can be the best features. Case in point — the quick share feature in the LG V10 camera app.

Sharing pictures on Android isn't hard. Take your picture, find it in the gallery, open it and press the share button. You'll find most every application that can be used to open, share or send a photo to social media, the web or a specific person. Sharing intents are one of Android's most powerful features. LG has a method to cut out most of those steps and make it even easier.

Quick share LG V10

On the V10, you can share a photo right inside the app using those same Android share intents using the quick share bar. Take a picture of anything, and you'll see a new icon (or an arrow if you wait a few minutes) next to the tiny round preview of the photo itself. By default, if you've used the quick share bar before the last method you used to share will be the icon that's displayed. But that doesn't matter, because the icon is also a handle for a slide-out bar filled with apps that can be used to share your picture.

Put your finger on it and slide it out from the edge. You'll see apps like Facebook, your messaging app, Twitter and others in the quick share bar. If you don't see what you want there, tap the three dots to open the full share dialog window, where you'll find all the apps you can use to share. Tap on any of them, and they open with your photo ready and in place, waiting for you to add some flavor text and push the send button.

Quick share LG V10

Once that's done (or if you change your mind) a quick press of the back button brings you right back into the camera app where you can do it all over again.

It's simple, easy to understand and use and makes for a better user experience. That's exactly what we like to see from any smartphone manufacturer. If you're using a V10, make sure you give it a try.