LG teases 'second-generation' quad-core phone with Snapdragon S4 Pro

LG has all but confirmed rumors that it's working on a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro-powered LTE smartphone, with the launch of a new campaign of Korean language teaser videos. The first video, which is pretty impenetrable if you don't speak Korean, indicates that the new Optimus smartphone will indeed run a quad-core S4 Pro chip, which LG touts as being much faster than the quad-core competition. Also touched upon is the S4 Pro's advanced Adreno 320 GPU, which delivers faster graphics performance than the current crop of chips, including the Adreno 225 GPU used in dual-core S4 chips.

There's nothing to show of the actual phone yet, but LG is clearly hoping to make a splash with this quad-core beast in the fourth quarter, and we'll be watching with keen interest.

Source: LG (Korean), via: The Verge

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • LG Nexus? I hope.....
  • No. LG have NEVER made a phone that is nice to look at and/or decent in any other respect.
  • At least it would be the first LG with access to updates (something LG has apparently never heard of). That said, I don't need a 7.8" 4:3 aspect ratio phone from LG.
  • Exactly my first thought as well.
  • So let me get this straight... 13 megapixel camera, quad-core snapdragon S4, improved Adreno 320 GPU, LTE etc. And it releases in Q4 2012? Move over Galaxy SIII, there's a new king in town. I wish I didn't upgrade so soon, damn, the specs on this are ridiculous. I imagine by then it will ship with Jelly Bean loaded as well.
  • Jelly Bean??? seems like you never bought an LG phone. buy this super phone and keep begging LG for updates when the competition is atleast two versions ahead.
  • Who cares? That's why we have an excellent dev community we donate to. They provide what the manu. and providers don't.
  • Hope they update their new flagship devices faster just like Samsung is doing with S3
  • Who cares? Probably the other 99% of people who don't mod their phones in that manner. Though really there is probably a large percentage of that percentage who don't actually know what version of Android they are on.
  • agree 100% its usually us ''geeks'' who only make a fuss about not being on the latest updates etc..the general consumers just want a phone that works and does basic thing such as texting,web,email and apps they could care less if a new update is out hell i bet many people dont even know what gingerbread,ics,jb are all they know is they probably have a galaxy or droid phone etc
  • Anytime you buy a phone something with better specs if lined up to squash it within the next few months. I haven't seen an LG phone that I've liked since the pre android days.
  • Not interested unless it's an unlocked Nexus.
  • agreed
  • nVidia better gets its LTE solution out ASAP or Qualcomm will be so entrenched in the market that it will be difficult to beat them.
  • So what, will it run with our LTE, here in the US? If not, what the f ever. Like our GS3, that I'm a happy owner! But on Sprint sucky network.. can't wait for LTE to come to DC.
  • "So what, will it run with our LTE, here in the US?" That is the perfect question to ask. I'm surprised that no one else even asked that. We all know that South Korea uses LTE, but it uses different bands than our LTE, hence why they can use quad-core chipsets with their 4G phones. We may see this phone, but it may only be dual core, which would put it against the S3, but certainly not make it superior to it. I also doubt it will be a Nexus phone. Why? Because Verizon is rumored to get a "super" LG phone, which will probably be skinned and have bloatware, and we all know how the Verizon Galaxy Nexus panned out (not a diss but if you're not rooted you don't have Jellybean). Just my opinion.
  • hopefully this will drive Samsung to ramp up development/production of their exynos 5250 dual core and shove it in the galaxy note 2....
  • Nice. Now where the hell is ICS for the Spectrum????? Thanks LG, you will never get another dime from me for your phones.
  • Best subtitles!
  • What I want to know about is phone storage space. I have an earlier version of the Optimus and I actually like the way it looks and like most things about it EXCEPT that the phone storage space is BS. All of my downloaded apps (except GVoice which has to be saved to phone) are saved to my SD card but my phone is forever running out of space. It's annoying as hell, I can't add apps or update them recently because there's not enough space so I have to go find some stuff to delete and there's not even much to delete!